A Skiers Journey – Coming Home

I know I am growing more sentimental as I am growing older, but is not too often that a travel documentary moves me to tears. But that is exactly what happen when watching this seasons finale of “A Skiers Journey.” This film/travel project by film maker Jordan Manley took us to the most beautiful landscapes, like Baffin Island, Japan, Argentina, and unlikely places like Dubai, Iran and China. And now Jordan together with Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots come back to BC to end this season.

And like the other episodes, this film is not only about skiing. It is much more about the journey. A journey across or planet and into ourselves. And the question Jordan poses is so essential to both: what is home?

As a child of expat parents I spent a large part of my childhood traveling the globe. Since many years I have been living out of Holland (the Netherlands) and I can honestly say that I am still not sure if it is my home. I can feel more at home when I am traveling, when I am outside, in nature.

This episode made me feel a physical pain and longing to get up and go again. The imagery is so totally overwhelming, the journey so beautifully documented. The people they meet and speak with so respectfully interviewed. And there is some skiing thrown in there, which is great as well. And one of the guys almost leaving his nuts on a tree trunk was a nice moment as well!

I am booking tickets to BC after I finish this post. Thanks Jordan for this amazing gift!

Editors Squad
Editors Squad
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