Video review: Turner RC GS piste ski 2019-2020

A ski from a Dutch ski brand. A first for us. We are not very chauvinistic, but it is of course interesting when “our” lion and the color orange suddenly appears on a ski. So we were happy we could ride with Turners. Turner Ski Technology is a relatively new Dutch ski brand and we got two pairs of skis for our review session, the ‘Seventhy – Thirty’, which will cover later in a seperate video review, and the RC-GS.


The sky was blue, temperatures consistently nicely below zero, the fresh snow that had fallen the day before stayed nice and dry all day and the slopes were therefore quite soft and towards the end of the day a bit chunky in places.

The Turner RC-GS

A ski that Turner categorizes as a Giant Slalom ski (hence the GS in the name). How a ski does feel is always a combination of the length and flex of the ski on the one hand and the weight,  height and skill of the skier on the other. For our very experienced skier Stijn, who admits that he might be a little on the heavy side for his height, the ski we had with us  was at 170cm actually a bit too short. Because of this and with the flex in the ski, Stijn thought the ski was a slalom ski. With the radius of the ski (the tappering between tip-waist-and tail) the ski goes well and gladly to the edges, and on well-prepared tight slopes the ski has to do very well especially in short and medium long turns. A Turner indeed. As far as Stijn is concerned, it is a 100% ski slope.

For more information and complete specs of the ski check here.

This ski is made for:

The ski is suitable for the sporty lady, the lighter sporty gentleman who likes to ride actively with a preference for hard packed pistes where you are looking to shred down on your edges in lovely short and middle long carved turns. A “fresh” ski for the “fresh” skier.

Turning comfort:
Early to edge:
Stability / accuracy at speed:
Off-piste performance:
Stearing behaviour:
Rebound / Turn finish:
Infleuncable / mouldable:
Bang for your Buck
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