Review: Olight Warrior X USB flashlight

In recent months I have been able to review the Olight Warrior X tactical USB flashlight. I mainly used the lamp during hikes in Scotland, but also at home when working in difficult to reach and dark places.


We previously reviewed the Olight S1R and S2R Baton II and were assessed as positive. The power of the Warrior X lies in the design of the body. The front of the flashlight provides cooling. So it can also become quite hot. When you use the lamp at 2,000 lumens, this goes very quickly. In the other case, the temperature builds up quietly.

There is a ring on the flashlight that both protects the lens and ensures heat dissipation. When upright, the projections on the ring also ensure additional airflow under the glass. That is again nice when cooling the whole. The metal is completely blackened, except for the ring, which is metallic blue. Incidentally, the Warrior X is currently also available in two limited edition colours, OD Green and Coyote.

Warrior X light modes

The Warrior X has two light modes. By turning the switch a quarter turn, you can choose from two modes for extra fast operation. One mode is ideal for outdoor and hunting (300 and 2000 lumen) and the other for security (2000 lumen and strobe).

When using the first mode, the lamp is already bright, if you switch to 2000 lumens, the range is considerably more extensive. Due to heat development, the lamp automatically turns back to the first mode. He does that reasonably quickly, but if you need a light boost, then the 2000 lumen position is ideal.

Switching between modes is slightly different than you may be used to. By unscrewing the end cap, hold down the button and then screw the lid back on. You have to get it handy, but it works great.

With the light beam of 2,000 lumens, Olight claims a range of 560 meters. I can’t measure it but at night in Scotland over the vast landscape, the flashlight shines very far away.

The Olight Warrior X is watertight and provided with hardened steel, blue slab edge. The USB charging dock with LED indicator is easy to click on the magnetic switch on the back of the lamp. Magnetic remote control is also optional for tactical situations.


Olight indicates that “thanks to a very robust housing, the flashlight is shock-resistant up to a fall of 2 meters on concrete”. We succeeded! During our road trip through Scotland, I had put the flashlight on the roof of the car and forgot about it. Of course, it bounced off when we left. You hardly see it.

In the first mode, the battery lasts around 280 minutes. That is possible with the included 3,000mAh battery. This has a voltage of 3.6V. The ORB-186S30 battery is from Olight itself and is designed to deliver a very high voltage to the flashlight quickly. Besides, Olight has placed a piece of electronics in the battery that should protect the batteries in it against overcharging, but also against releasing too much voltage. The light intensity is determined by how hard you press the button.

Charging the Olight Warrior X is through a magnetic cable. This clicks on the switch on the back. An excellent functionality: If the flashlight is almost empty, it will vibrate briefly and not audibly. If the energy level is below 30%, it vibrates once every 5 minutes, and below 5% it vibrates six times per minute. That way, you know when it’s time to charge it. The Olight Warrior X comes with a nylon carrying case, silicone grip, battery and magnetic charger.


The Warrior X can also be operated remotely. A magnetic switch is available for this. There is also a mount to place it on a weapon. You should actually use these two accessories together.


The Olight Warrior X USB flashlight is a real high-end flashlight. Simple operation, good light and can have something. Handy and compact.

The Olight Warrior X costs € 139.50.

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The Olight Warrior X USB flashlight is a real high-end flashlight. Simple operation, good light and can have something. Handy and compact.
Hayco Volkers
Hayco Volkers
I have practiced a multitude of sports since my youth to the present. My first sports as a child were judo and athletics. Cycling, hiking, mountain biking, kyokushin karate, diving, baseball, golf and windsurfing, rowing and krav maga were added later.

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The Olight Warrior X USB flashlight is a real high-end flashlight. Simple operation, good light and can have something. Handy and compact.Review: Olight Warrior X USB flashlight