Video review Turner Seventy-Thirty Supercruiser All-Mountain Ski

This is the second ski from Turner Dutch Ski Technology that we are reviewing this year. Turner is a relatively new Dutch ski brand and in addition to the RC-GS that we reviewed earlier, we also took the “Seventhy – Thirty” up, and down the mountain.

I want to take a moment to say, that I think it is incredibly brave that a Dutch brand is entering the ski market. A market that is already fairly saturated with many established brands that make fantastic skis. We wish Turner good luck with this.


Kaiserswetter: a bright wintersun in the blue sky, temperatures constantly nicely below zero. The fresh snow that had fallen the day before remained nice and dry all day and the slopes were quite soft. At the end of the day the snow had been skied to messy moguls in many places.

The Turner Seventy Thirty

Turner categorizes this ski as an all-mountain ski that should be able to handle many different conditions. We can confirm that the ski indeed belongs to that category. Stijn van Oss, our reviewer this year, sometimes calls this the All-Weather, or All-conditions category. Because it is not necessarily only “where” on the mountain you ski with (on or off-piste), but especially the different snow conditions that a ski must be able to handle. Because those conditions can vary enormously and the Seventy-Thirty is a ski a offers you safety in these varying circumstances.

The ski has the subtitle “Super Cruiser” and that name does justice to the ski. You can certainly do super cruising with it. The ski turns easily thanks to the impressive flex and the rocker towards the front of the ski. Because of that rocker, the ski also performs well in softer, mushy snow, or off-piste. If you put the ski on its edges and carve the turns you will find the stability that you also want and need at higher speeds. It is not a ski made to straight-line black slopes, but one with which you can do your turns in an easy and relaxed way.

For who is this ski made?

The flex in the ski also means that it is a ski that is suitable for a broad target group. Even if your technique is not yet perfect and has room for improvement, you should be able to handle the Seventy-Thirty quite well. Stijn, who weighs 86 kilos himself, noted that, according to him, the ski is made for the lighter skier. So we think it would be a very suitable ski for ladies as well.

Buy the Turner Seventy-Thirty: Retail price € 599,-


Turning comfort:
Early to edge:
Stability / accuracy at speed:
Off-piste performance:
Stearing behaviour:
Rebound / Turn finish:
Influencable / Mouldable
Bang for your Buck
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