Review: Grisport Anden all-round hiking shoes

Grisport Anden

These sturdy all-round hiking shoes (category A / B) have a higher shaft, a good profile and offer extra support. The Anden is equipped with a Vibram sole. This guarantees a high-quality base of the shoe. The Anden is waterproof and breathable.


The Grisport brand

It started in 1977 when the Italian brothers Grigolato produced the first Grisport shoe. This is how Grisport was created as a specialized producer of handmade shoes for hiking and leisure activities. Today, Grisport has more than 2,000 employees, and the factory covers an area of ​​40,000 m².

Over the years, Grisport has proven itself as a leading manufacturer of hiking boots by incorporating expertise, technology, innovation, research & development as building blocks in the production process. Grisport is a real Italian brand and supports this through the “Made in Italy” label.

Grisport uses high-performance materials, leathers and membranes. The traditional experience of the shoe trade remains present in the production to provide every shoe with the quality and details of a handmade product.

A continuous mission of Grisport is to strive for walking shoes with the most comfortable fit. In the production of Grisport’s quality shoes, beautiful design and technological properties are not forgotten, but comfort always comes first.

Test conditions Grisport Anden

The circumstances in which I tested the Anden were very diverse. For example, I wore the Anden almost daily during the long walks with my dog. Walks were ranging from 5 to 10 kilometres. I did these walks on different surfaces. I also wore the Anden during the preparations for “the Castor Trail.” A walk through the Belgian Ardennes with many differences in height and a total of 45 kilometres. I recently used and tested the Anden at a Polder run of approximately 16 kilometres in wet conditions.

Review Grisport Anden

My first impression was very positive. That was partly due to the contact I had with the supplier, which was very friendly. The Anden is lightweight and looks very solid. The sole is of the well-known brand “Vibram” and has a coarse profile.

Often when I receive materials to test them, I usually get the urge to use them immediately. That was certainly the case with the Anden. But during the fitting, I noticed that the shoes were on the large side. I usually have size 45 (EU), but that was too big in this case. In short, the shoes had to be returned. Not very long after that, I received a size smaller, and I could get started.

Attempt two, as I said earlier, the contact with the supplier was incredibly friendly. I quickly got the other pair of shoes. While fitting, I felt that the shoes were still spacious. From this, we can conclude that the Anden is slightly wider than you may be used to. When purchasing new hiking shoes, proper fitting is always a must!

With the first kilometres, I found that the Anden felt rather stiff. Because of this, I had some bottlenecks in the settlement. I know from experience that it is a matter of time and that the shoes must be walked in. As a result, the leather of the shoes will become more flexible and feel more comfortable.

I was right. After a few kilometres, several walks, the Anden became more flexible. What a cool, light shoes. I would recommend the Grisport Anden. Especially those hiking boots that are looking for a light (1400 gram) walking shoe that offers sufficient support. You will find that support mainly in the sole and around the ankles.


The Grisport Anden is equipped with a waterproof membrane called Spo-Tex. This makes the Anden extremely suitable for wet conditions. Of course, I tested this. During my walks, I often went on rough paths, and I made wadings. Here my feet remained dry, and the membrane was fine. It is a wonderful, lightweight, sturdy walking shoe.

Every advantage also has a disadvantage. For example, I find that a waterproof membrane often feels warm in the summer months. I noticed that the Grisport Anden felt very warm. So I would not recommend the Anden, for example for the evening of four days in May or June etc. I think the Anden is ideal in the winter months in cold and or wet conditions.


The fit of Grisport Anden is good and has a broad last. At first, the Anden feels, but during the first kilometres, it is still a bit stiff. Once you have made a few kilometres and the leather has become more flexible, the Anden feels very comfortable. This is partly due to the weight (1400 grams) of the Anden.


The Grisport Anden exudes reliability and durability. The waterproof membrane adds an extra feature to the shoe, making it extremely suitable in wet conditions.


  • price (suggested retail price 139.95 euros)
  • weight
  • service
  • water tightness


  • water resistance (during warm conditions)

Review overview

Fit & comfort
Strength / Construction


I would purchase or recommend the Grisport Anden because it is a lovely light shoe. The Anden gives a lot of support around the ankles and has pleasant handling. The Anden is widely applicable but performs best in wet conditions. So I would take the Anden along during a walk in humid periods in the Ardennes.
Danny van Haaften
Danny van Haaften
Buitensporter, ik ben werkzaam bij de overheid en in mijn vrije tijd hou ik mij bezig met verschillende disciplines van de buitensport. Sinds 2000 ben ik actief als wegatleet in competitief verband en heb ik afstanden tot aan de marathon gelopen. Omstreeks 2007 ben ik tevens gegrepen door het survivalrun virus. Sindsdien heb ik vele survivalruns als wedstrijdatleet in binnen en buitenland gelopen. Als rode draad hier doorheen ben ik actief als berg-buitensporter in verschillende disciplines o.a. rotsklimmen, meerdaagse bivak-wandeltochten en fietstochten. In 2016 ben ik gestart met DH Buitensport om mensen te motiveren meer naar buiten te gaan.

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I would purchase or recommend the Grisport Anden because it is a lovely light shoe. The Anden gives a lot of support around the ankles and has pleasant handling. The Anden is widely applicable but performs best in wet conditions. So I would take the Anden along during a walk in humid periods in the Ardennes.Review: Grisport Anden all-round hiking shoes