The highly anticipated ThruDark HeriTech collection in collaboration with Jason Fox

ThruDark recently launched its much-anticipated “HeriTech” collection, featuring a unique collaboration with brand ambassador and long-time friend Jason Fox – “Foxy”. This first collection includes an overshirt and trousers made from the finest ultra-dry waxed cotton from British Millerain, the world’s oldest and leading manufacturer of waxed cotton.

The jewel in the collection will undoubtedly prove to be the fisherman knit jumper – the first to be reinforced with the strongest synthetic fibres known to man, Cordura and Dyneema. With 100% pure wool, for maximum comfort and insulation, sustainably certified and sourced from New Zealand. The ThruDark HeriTech line effectively equips the modern man with both the classic style and advanced functionality needed for the urban to outdoor lifestyle.

Who is Jason Fox?

De langverwachte ThruDark HeriTech collectie in samenwerking met Jason Fox

Former Special Forces member Jason Fox is probably best known for his appearance in the British television programme “SAS: Who Dares Wins”. In this programme, broadcast on Channel 4, contestants are physically and mentally challenged in an intense training environment based on the selection processes of the Special Air Service (SAS), an elite unit of the British Army. Jason Fox served as one of the programme’s instructors, using his expertise as a former member of the Special Forces to guide and evaluate the participants during their challenges.

I’ve worked closely with ThruDark for years now and this is a really exciting opportunity for me to put my own personal touch on a collection that reflects my busy lifestyle, with a chance to tell my story in a new way.

Foxy, ThruDark Ambassador

British Millerain

With six generations of textile innovation behind it, British Millerain is not only the original, but also the world leader in waxed cotton. The Lancashire-born company produced its first patented rainproof finish in 1894. After more than a century of refinement, research and redevelopment, British Millerain’s TekWax cotton comes to ThruDark.

Waxed cotton works so well as a waterproof barrier because the hollow fibres can be filled with wax and retain it, making the fibres waterproof. What sets British Millerain’s TekWax cotton apart, however, is its ultra-dry finish. This ultra-dry finish has been carefully selected by ThruDark to provide all the functional performance of a classic waxed fabric without the damp feel of traditional waxed cotton.

A first for knitwear

ThruDark’s first foray into the world of knitwear is, as it should be, uncompromisingly cool. Featuring a Woolmark and Oeko-Tex certified New Zealand wool in a heavy, rib-knit, fisherman style construction and, for the first time ever, a premium wool pullover reinforced with Cordura/Dyneema blend reinforcements. Cordura and Dyneema are two of the strongest man-made fibres on the planet and are routinely used, from military hardware to space stations – their use in a wool pullover is unprecedented. Unprecedented innovation, knitwear like no other, the perfect balance between feel and strength.

De langverwachte ThruDark HeriTech collectie in samenwerking met Jason Fox

Friendly forces 

The range was designed and launched in collaboration with former UKSF operator, now adventurer, writer and advocate of men’s health Jason Fox. It is designed to meet the needs of the modern man. For those looking for functional, classic styles that are as effective in the mountains as they are in the boardroom.

De langverwachte ThruDark HeriTech collectie in samenwerking met Jason Fox

More information on The Foxy Collection

Hayco Volkers
Hayco Volkers
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