Review: Cortazu Mountain Hardshell and Midlayer

The Cortazu Hardshell is a lightweight three-layer hardshell jacket, made for skiing, hiking or commuting. The DermizaxEV fabric is 100% waterproof, windproof and remains breathable under active conditions.

The Cortazu Mountain Hardshell is an updated version of the All-season Hardshell. The most significant change is the material, functions and possibility to “zip in” the Cortazu Midlayer or fleece.

Cortazu’s vision

Cortazu has its vision. They want to be a manufacturer of high-end clothing and set themselves the goal of making our planet greener as well. one of its pillars is that they, as a manufacturer, supply directly to the consumer. To strengthen this vision, they have entered into a partnership with Justdiggit. You can find more about this here.

Different circumstances

I have worn the Cortazu Mountain Hardshell in different circumstances. During my “normal” working days as living/working clothes and my outdoor sports activities. I am organizing and guiding various training courses. Think, for example of survival run and boot camp training and during my PT training that only takes place outside.

Given the current measures (COVID-19), activities abroad could not occur, but that did not prevent me from going outdoors in my own country.

The Cortazu Mountain Hardshell + Midlayer

The Cortazu Mountain Hardshell Jacket has many details that I will return to later. This jacket is anything but a no-nonsense jacket. This jacket’s advantage is that it can be combined with the Cortazu Mountain Mid-Layer, making this jacket an all-rounder and a “must-have” jacket.

The waterproof 3-layer membrane of Dermizax EV does its job. It is an excellent and beautifully finished jacket to wear during commuting but also bad or rainy weather. 

First impression…

My first impression of the Cortazu Mountain Hardshell + Mid-layer was mixed. What immediately struck me was the weight of the Mid-layer. So the first thing I did was stuff the Mid-layer into an integrated stuff sack to weigh the jacket. The result was surprising with its 405 grams (size M) for a synthetic filling. This made me happy! When I put on the Cortazu Mountain Hardshell + Mid-layer, I noticed that the model was quite bulky (square). I will come back to the fit of the jacket later.

It is a nice jacket to wear and it is beautifully finished. Unlike the Hard Shell, the Mid-layer has no superfluous features and makes it a no-nonsense jacket that does what it needs to do.

The Cortazu Mountain Midlayer insulates well and is therefore wonderfully warm. What I experienced during my activities was that the jacket quickly became ‘too’ warm. Is this due to the excellent insulation value stated by the supplier, or is the breathability less profitable?

Anyway, the insulation value does not decrease if the inside (synthetic filling) becomes damp, which I do experience with a (natural) down jacket. Does the jacket compare with a down jacket in terms of heat insulation? Certainly not! It surprised me how warm the jacket is, so a big compliment for Cortazu.

The Cortazu Mountain Mid-layer is a versatile jacket that can be worn independently and in the Mountain Hardshell & nbsp; can be zipped. This gives you a real “must-have” jacket for the outdoor enthusiast.

20+ Cortazu Mountain Hardshell

The Cortazu Mountain Hardshell has many functionalities. The hood can be adjusted in many ways and can therefore be perfectly combined with a ski or climbing helmet. The sleeves have elastic cuffs that can also be adjusted by Velcro. On the shoulders is protection/non-slip material for use with a backpack.

The jacket has quite a few pockets. The two pockets on the chest and stomach side are closed with waterproof zippers with protruding pull tabs. This makes them great to use with cold hands or gloves. The pockets are just big enough to hold a folded topographic map.

Review: Cortazu Mountain Hardshell and Midlayer

The left pocket has a cloth to wipe your glasses and in the right pocket you’ll find a key ring. The pockets are positioned in such a way that they can be used perfectly with a backpack. The pocket on the left forearm is suitable for a payment or ski pass, among other things.

The inner pocket on the right side has a waterproof zipper and a passage for ears. There is also a small waterproof bag for money, for example. Here you will also find a larger mesh pocket that fits a pair of gloves.

The fit

The Cortazu Mountain Hardshell and Mid-Layer have a ‘bulky’ fit. What I mean by this is that the model is relatively straightforward. I have an athletic build, 1.80 tall and 72 kg. I tested a size M, and it was okay for me in terms of the fit. Because of my posture and the activities that I usually practice, I prefer tailored (slim-fit) clothing.

The Cortazu Mountain Hardshell and Mid-layer do not meet this in my opinion, but this is a personal preference and the only (improvement) point I have experienced. I didn’t try a size smaller in all fairness, maybe that would have contributed to a better fit.

Cortazu Mountain Hardshell fabric

DermizaxEV – The perfect membrane that redefines comfort and protection for performance fabrics. Made with patented technology in Japan and designed to protect you in all weather conditions. Why this substance? DermizaxEV is a 100% waterproof and windproof membrane (fabric). It was specially developed to provide maximum protection against all types of demanding weather conditions, from extreme snow to pouring rain. At the same time, the fabric is very breathable, and sweat can be transported outside the jacket during intensive activities.

Cortazu Mountain Midlayer fabric

  • Warm and breathable
  • Water-repellent and windproof
  • 100% recycled fabric and insulation
  • Includes zip-in system to connect Mountain Hardshell

The Mountain Mid-layer jacket is lightweight and made from Toray’s Airtastic fabric, which is super soft, breathable and easy to pack. The mid-layer is a lightly insulated, high-performance jacket, perfect for a wide variety of activities and suitable for all seasons. Sleeves are not insulated


  • Price/quality
  • 20+ functionalities
  • Suitable for every season
  • Breathable and supple stretchy material
  • Good for the environment
  • Expandable with insulation jacket (Midlayer)


  • Model/dimensions

Review: Cortazu Mountain Hardshell and Midlayer

Review overzicht

Fit and wearing comfort
Water tightness


I have enjoyed testing the Cortazu Mountain Hardshell with the Midlayer and I am generally quite satisfied with the performance of the jacket. The only point of criticism is the fit. For the sake of completeness, I would have liked to try on another size smaller. With my current findings on both jackets, I would definitely recommend this one. Considering the materials used, finish and price, it is a "must have" all seasons hard shell for every outdoor enthusiast.
Danny van Haaften
Buitensporter, ik ben werkzaam bij de overheid en in mijn vrije tijd hou ik mij bezig met verschillende disciplines van de buitensport. Sinds 2000 ben ik actief als wegatleet in competitief verband en heb ik afstanden tot aan de marathon gelopen. Omstreeks 2007 ben ik tevens gegrepen door het survivalrun virus. Sindsdien heb ik vele survivalruns als wedstrijdatleet in binnen en buitenland gelopen. Als rode draad hier doorheen ben ik actief als berg-buitensporter in verschillende disciplines o.a. rotsklimmen, meerdaagse bivak-wandeltochten en fietstochten. In 2016 ben ik gestart met DH Buitensport om mensen te motiveren meer naar buiten te gaan.

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