Review: Jetboil MicroMo 0.8 ltr stove

Jetboil Micro MO

Jetboil is one of my best friends during my outdoor activities. I can replace or adapt many of my materials to the type of activity or weather influences that we may experience.

But the Jetboil always goes along. The only thing that is adapted is the content of the gas can to be brought along. During the activities, the use of the Jetboil is a real reward.
Yes … given my years of Jetboil use, it could be a Jetboil MicroMo versus Jetboil SOL Allu review. But no.

The brand Jetboil

In 2001, Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst unleashed a revolution in outdoor cooking. By creating a fast, compact and efficient burner that was different from what the world had ever seen.
The very first Jetboil, in combination with the flux-ring technique, brings all of this in 1 gas burner to the boil at high speed.

By increasing the surface of the bottom of the pot, the FluxRing technology makes it possible to heat a conveniently shaped vessel with extremely high efficiency.
Jetboil-controlled burners allow four complete rotations of the spindle for incremental adaptation of the fuel flow with consistent heat output from light simmering, all the way to the boil.

That translates into perfectly cooked eggs, golden brown grilled cheese, steamed grains or boiling water for coffee in just 135 seconds. Make meals and heat drinks with this super compact and efficient kitchen.
Whether you make coffee, soup, noodles or instant meals, ideal for very light backpacking and day walks.

Test conditions

I am often on the road, but also with my family. The Jetboil MicroMo usually went along. Whether it was a day at the beach, during rock climbing or with a bike/walking tour. For my outdoor company, I regularly organise outdoor activities such as hiking-bivouac tours. These are often multi-day walking tours with a first overnight stay.

These trips have to be prepared on location. During the activity itself I am also there for the guidance. And of course, the Jetboil MicroMo always went along. Recently (February) the winter bivouac took place, and to my surprise, I counted five Jetboil burners. The users are incredibly enthusiastic and satisfied.

Product review

I can not compare the Jetboil MicroMo with my older version Jetboil Sol. It is almost impossible because I am delighted with both copies. I also thought it could not be better than my experiences with the Jetboil Sol.

It is a summary of my earlier review Jetboil Sol where I describe how happy I am with this stove combination.

No accessories were supplied with the Jetboil MicroMo except the footrest under the gas can. The footrest is very nice to use and gives excellent stability. The capacity of the jug is 0.8 litres, and this is sufficient for the single use. This allows you to boil water for your instant meal.

If I go out with two people, I will have to cook twice. So you often go out with two people, and you want to save your weight, take a larger pot. Or having a little more patience is not a problem, of course.

In my opinion, the burner has improved again. It was already excellent and satisfactory. But by using the Jetboil MicroMo, I noticed that it is even more powerful and brings the water to the boil faster.


It is a lightweight cooking system (350 grams) that always performs well in extreme cold, wind or humid conditions. The piezo ignition is perfect.
It is also an economical burner, and that means you only need a small amount of fuel. The use is personal but to give you an idea. I use a gas can of 100 grams per three weekends.


As I said earlier, it is a lightweight stove. That is why it may be more vulnerable than another. Incidentally, the burner has never been refused. The material used is aluminium with plastic parts. The cup has a plastic cover that keeps the contents of the cup warm longer and prevents your hands from burning.


  • Weight
  • Appearance
  • Cooking time
  • Pack volume
  • Inflammation


  • Lit

Short conclusion

The lid is a recurring point of criticism, but I am creative about this. By storing the Jetboil at the top of the backpack or I put an elastic around it.
Furthermore, I do not have much more to add that “if you’re looking for a new or different burner, buy a Jetboil.”

Review overview

Ease of use
Packing volume
Flame control


The Jetboil MicroMo is a lightweight and compact cooking system. Thanks to its powerful burner in combination with the flux-ring technique, it brings everything in 1 gas burner to the boil very quickly.
Danny van Haaften
Danny van Haaften
Buitensporter, ik ben werkzaam bij de overheid en in mijn vrije tijd hou ik mij bezig met verschillende disciplines van de buitensport. Sinds 2000 ben ik actief als wegatleet in competitief verband en heb ik afstanden tot aan de marathon gelopen. Omstreeks 2007 ben ik tevens gegrepen door het survivalrun virus. Sindsdien heb ik vele survivalruns als wedstrijdatleet in binnen en buitenland gelopen. Als rode draad hier doorheen ben ik actief als berg-buitensporter in verschillende disciplines o.a. rotsklimmen, meerdaagse bivak-wandeltochten en fietstochten. In 2016 ben ik gestart met DH Buitensport om mensen te motiveren meer naar buiten te gaan.

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The Jetboil MicroMo is a lightweight and compact cooking system. Thanks to its powerful burner in combination with the flux-ring technique, it brings everything in 1 gas burner to the boil very quickly.Review: Jetboil MicroMo 0.8 ltr stove