Review: The Nordic Pocket Saw pocket-sized chainsaw

In recent years I have used several flexible wire saws, most of which turned out to be not really durable. The Nordic Pocket Saw is slightly different. A lightweight and very compact outdoor saw with razor-sharp “teeth”. The saw has a total length of 104 cm, of which the cutting part is 68 cm.

The chain of the Nordic Pocket Saw is made of hardened carbon steel to withstand the most extreme conditions. The nylon handles on both ends should provide a pleasant and secure grip.

Review: The Nordic Pocket Saw pocket-sized chainsaw

The saw comes in a sturdy nylon sheath with a loop so that you can attach it to your backpack, bag or belt, for example. The Nordic Pocket Saw weighs 132 grams.

Design, construction & material

The whole construction of the saw feels solid and reliable. The handles are made of a solid nylon strap that is reinforced with several stitches. The chain links move smoothly with minimal play, which means that they stay nicely aligned in the cut but can also be rolled up neatly in the sheath.

Review: The Nordic Pocket Saw pocket-sized chainsaw

The cutting part resembles the chainsaw blade of the well-known chain saw, but it is not the same. The Nordic Pocket Saw’s teeth are slightly smaller, allowing them to make tighter angles around small branches. The teeth of the saw blade are in the same direction on a chain saw. With this hand chain saw, the teeth are on both sides to see cuts in both directions. It cuts and removes the wood at the same time so that the cut and saw stays clean.

Review: The Nordic Pocket Saw pocket-sized chainsaw

The chain itself is made of hardened carbon steel. The loops for the hands are, as previously mentioned, made of sturdy nylon. The loops are suitable for both small and large hands. I have used the saw with gloves, and that works fine too. The connection between the nylon and the chain is made of metal with solid construction.


The Nordic Pocket Saw does its job as expected. It just doesn’t happen automatically. It does require a lot of effort, depending on the type, thickness and condition of the wood. You really feel the saw biting into the wood. In the video below, I saw dry wood that was in the forest. You can see how the saw pulls through. Because the saw cut is quite broad, you can see how the wood chips are removed.

Unlike other wire saws, two people can also use this saw, each holding one of the handles. Besides, it is important to maintain a good “sawing rhythm” to prevent the saw chain from blocking. If one person uses the saw, it is already possible to cut through a relatively thick log. Even larger logs can be cut with two people by dividing the workload.

When sawing loose logs, it is essential to secure them well because the sawing movement exerts a lot of force. The sawing movement pulls it quite hard. I saw through relatively porous wood in the video, and you can see it flies through like a knife through butter. When cutting fresh wood, I had a little more work to keep the trunk in place. The smaller the diameter of the branch/trunk, the more difficult it is to saw.


Just like all your outdoor gear, the hand chain saw also needs regular maintenance after use. Therefore, it is advisable to have a (4 mm) round file on hand at home to sharpen the “teeth”. The sharper the tooth, the less time and effort it takes to get through the wood. The saw needs to be oiled regularly to keep it in good working order, it will come pre-oiled, but that will wear out over time.

Final verdict

The Nordic Pocket Saw is a solid handheld chainsaw that does what you would expect from a compact saw. With a retail price of € 49.95, the saw is more expensive than the average wire saw, but for that, you have a durable outdoor tool, which can also be used for pruning work in your garden. The Nordic Pocket Saw has become a regular part of my equipment.

The Nordic Pocket Saw is available at and Bever among others.

Review: The Nordic Pocket Saw pocket-sized chainsaw

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