Video review: Head Total Joy 2019 Allride Women’s Ski

Skis and snowboards sometimes have the wildest names, so I still enjoy the names as War Pig or Mind Expander (both snowboards, by the way.) On the other hand, you also run into names that don’t really say a lot. And then there are times that the name of the ski is 100% an expression of that it will bring. This is certainly the case in the case of the Head Total Joy.

The Total Joy is part of the Joy Women Series, a line of skis for ladies with a lower weight to bring more balance and control on the slopes. The Total Joy is an Allride ski, so promised to be suited for on and off-piste demands.

Our reviewer this time is Rinske de Jong, 27 years of ski experience and ski instructor at the adaptive skiing/sit skiing.


Our guest reviewer Rinske drove a day on skis in April. So quite late in the season where in the morning we had nice cold conditions with nice hard packed slopes and later in the day a lot of too soft and wet chowder.


Rinske fell in love with the Total Joy from the first few meters. The ski gives her total freedom to do everything she wants and can do. That’s because the ski reacts lightning fast, gives grip and maneuverability on steep black slopes, but also gives firmness, stability, and confidence on longer high speed carve turns.

The weight of the skis is quite low, among others because of the Graphene Koroyd construction a kind of honeycomb construction that combines low weight with strength. When she picked up the skis for the first time, Rinske was a bit concerned that they would be less powerful and have less grip. But the opposite turned out to be true, and even with more aggressive skiing, the Total Joy could handle everything. No limits for Rinske on these skis.

The stability and control of the ski were also shown by the ease with which she could do her turns on one leg. So from hard and aggressive to extremely chillaxed; Total Joy all the way.

For who?

Rinske is a very experienced skier. With 27 years on the slopes and experience as a ski instructor in sit skiing/adaptive skiing, she knows her way around a ski. According to her, it’s not a beginners ski, but also not only for the super-experienced experts. Because of the lightness and the small radius, curves, short or long easy to initiate and hold. Great properties for a ski if you want to tune your turns up a notch. And given Rinske’s total joy on these skis, they are also good enough to bring lots of fun to the more experienced skiers.


The Head Total Joy is a ski that fully lives up to its name. Rinske fell in love with it, simply because the Total Joy offered complete freedom to do everything that she wanted and was up to riding to the top of her abilities.

Would Rinske recommend these skis to her friends? Hell yes. In fact, she could not say goodbye to the review skis and bought them afterwards! If that is not a recommendation!

Head Total Joy + Joy 11 GW SLR bindings

Winkeladviesprijs: € 650,-

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Hard packed/Piste
Soft Snow/ off piste
Turn initiation
Edge Grip
Bang for your Buck
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