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A hard shell is a wind and waterproof jacket, made of a material which ensures that an air layer is created between your body and a jacket; this is your microclimate. At the same time, the material for the wicking or transportation of perspiration away from your body. These features make this type jackets very popular with outdoor and action sports.

Despite hardshells not specifically being designed for winter and thus do not have an insulating layer, they are still very suitable for downhill skiing and snowboarding. More and more top brands have been turning to these technical products for their winter sports gear. For insulation, you should also choose a base layer and a mid layer. There are many variations in materials(from polyester to merino wool) you can choose from. The advantage is that these garments can be worn separately outside the winter sports season as well.

Arc’teryx Theta AR Jacket

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During winter sports, you should always wear hard shells in combination with other clothing layers. At least one base layer and a mid layer. These clothing layers are available in many different kinds of material – from polyester to merino wool – and in different thicknesses. The advantage of this three-layer system is that you can customize your clothes to the circumstances and when it gets warmer, you can wear any one of your layers separately, adding to the versatility of each product.

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