Hardshell – Care & Maintenance

nikwax-hardshell-productenWith regular use of your hardshell, it is important to wash it at least twice a year to extend the life and performance. There are several detergents available for (among Granger and Nikwax). You can wash the product in a washing machine, but make sure that you read the instructions on the product label. After the washer, you will have reactivate the the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) ability. If you forget this, you will eventually find that kit functions less well than it did when you bought it.

Picture: Nikwax Tech Wash & Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In

The easiest method to restore the DWR of the jacket is to put it in a dryer for a short period of time (10-15 min) on a moderate program. Chose a program for synthetic materials to iron dry or press the key ‘low temperature’. You will find that the jacket is already completely dry. For some materials you can also use an iron, to be used in combination with, for example, a dishcloth as layer between the jacket and the iron. Do this only if you have experience in this kind of treatment. If you don’t have an iron or tumble drier, just hang the coat to dry in a warm room.

If you’re not managing to reactivate the DWR finish, what will happen to a certain extent as the the kit gets older, it’s time to use an impregnation for hardshells. After running your regular washing program, you will want to wash it again, but this time with the impregnation. The use of impregnation is simple and is guaranteeds a good result.

It is not advisable to use regular detergents to clean or hard shell waterproof jacket. The additives in these will not only affect the technical characteristics negatively, but could visbily damage your kit. Bleaches, dyes, enzymes, flavorings etc. may react with the membrane of your jacket so that the jacket no longer provides the functionality that you had deliberately chosen and paid for.

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