The great thing about sleeping in a tent is that you can basically sleep anywhere you want, at least if you have a nice and good tent. A few things are important to me when choosing a tent. First of all, it must be possible to set up the tent easily and quickly by 1 person, without having to read the manual in advance. Setting up must be logical. Secondly, the tent must be water- and windproof and inaccessible to insects. Furthermore, it is nice if a tent is relatively light so that you can easily take it with you on all your adventures. And last but not least, it is so nice when a tent is really dark so that you can sleep well in it. The Coleman Kobuk Valley 3 plus tent has it all. Coleman themselves calls it the perfect tent for a weekender festival or a mico adventure in nature. We (my son Kick and I) tested the Kobuk Valley 3 plus tent during two micro adventures in the Netherlands; first we went in to the woods and then to an exciting remote island in the Markermeer.

The tent itself
The tent is made of strong – non-combustible – poyester fabric with a water column of 4500 mm, so it will not leak quickly, even with really heavy rain and wind. The groundsheet is made of very sturdy – and durable PVC and therefore also suitable for rough surfaces. The tent is equipped with a spacious 110 cm deep front awning where you can store all your belongings neatly and dry. The sleeping area of the tent is 215 cm deep, 180 cm wide and 120 high, and therefore suitable for 3 people, but then you have to like each other. Both the inner and outer tent have sufficient ventilation options, so that condensation is kept to a minimum (if used correctly of course).

Pitching the tent
This simple dome tent is set up in a moment. Setting up is easy and logical and requires no instructions. If you still want to see it, it is stitched into the inside of the tent cover, so you will always have it with you. The tent consists of an inner and outer tent (both made of polyester), where you first secure the solid ground sheet of the inner tent with simple pegs. The pegs are on the thin side and bend quickly, but due to that they are light and that is worth something. Then assemble the fiberglass tent poles to give the inner tent the correct shape. Throw the outer tent over it, and you’re done. You must be able to set up the tent on your own in 5 – 10 minutes. Packing is of course always easier and faster.

Sleeping in the tent
With 2 people you have all the space and you sleep wonderful in this tent. This is mainly because this tent is equipped with the so-called Coleman Blackout Bedrooms technology. This is a Coleman innovation that blocks 99% of the daylight. This makes your tent really dark at all times, and therefore not too hot. Ideal for sleeping early and waking up late, in a dark and fresh tent. But it also works the other way because at night it cools down less quickly in this tent and it is just a little more comfortable than usual in the tent.

Wind- and waterproof
The tent is well wind- and waterproof. We woke up this summer when it was raining and blowing very hard. But in the tent we had no problems, due to the 4500 mm water column, which can handle quite a bit of rain! Of course the tent is equipped with mosquito nets to keep insects out. When I recently woke up with my son, there were dozens of spiders between the outer- and inner tent. We had apparently pitched the tent at a spider gathering place, but luckily we had no problems with this. And if you have to leave the tent at night you can easily see the guy lines because they are fluorescent and therefore stand out well. Furthermore, the tent is quite light with a weight of 4.9 kg, and therefore easy to take with you when hiking or biking!

With the Kobuk Valley 3 plus, Coleman has really developed a great tent that meets all requirements for me. It can be set up quickly, is wind- and waterproof, spacious, dark and cool and fairly light weighted. Compared with cheaper tents from, for example, the Decathlon, this is a much better quality option. So you get value for money. With a suggested retail price of € 159.99, you can buy a very high-quality and fine tent. In fact, the tent now only costs € 109.99 in the Coleman webshop.

– Capacity: 3 person.
– Multiple ventilation openings in the ridge.
– With BlackOut Bedroom Technology for a dark tent.
– Size inner tent: 210 x 180 x 120 cm.
– Packsize: 58 x Ø16 cm.
– Weight 5,1 kg.
– Including tent pegs, guy lines and carry bag.


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