The smart magnetic opening and locking mechanism of Leatherman FREE is the best invention since the multi-tool itself. This new generation of multi-tools makes clever use of magnets, making the tools super smooth to open and close. The P-series is the first to come on the market with the P2 and P4, multifunctional tools with pliers that amaze you.

The tools of the Leatherman FREE, P2 and P4 are on the outside so you can easily reach them. When opening, the tool clicks effortlessly away from the magnet, causing it to open automatically. As soon as it falls into the lock, you can feel and hear that it clicks. This way, you will never have to use a fingernail again. It is almost magical.

The FREE models are lightweight and equipped with interchangeable wire cutters. An additional advantage of the magnetic mechanism is that the individual parts hardly wear out. The FREE thus has an even longer lifespan than its predecessors.

Always the right tool at hand

With the P2, you have the right tool at hand for every job. It has 19 functions including pliers, ordinary pliers, wire cutter, cable cutter, crimping tool, knife, scissors, wood and metal file, flat head and cross-head screwdrivers, awl, can opener, bottle opener, cable stripper, packaging opener, measuring rod and carrying clip. For the P4 there is also a saw and a serrated knife.

The Leatherman FREE P2 and P4 are available from the outdoor specialist, including a nylon pouch. Consumer recommended price P2 € 169.95. The P4 comes to € 199.95. Both available in silver colour.


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