Vallon Freebirds ski goggles; style, comfort and great vision | Review

Investing in quality ski goggles is crucial. They protect your eyes from both harmful UV rays and wind, and ensure clear and sharp vision on the slopes. I’ve tested the Freebirds ski goggles from Vallon, read my review below. 

The Freebirds ski goggles are marketed as a retro design equipped with the latest optics and a comfortable fit. In this review, we will dive into the essential aspects of these goggles to help you determine if they are a good option for you.

Vision by Zeiss

The Vallon Freebirds ski goggles were tested during my ski trip to Chamonix, France. In sunny weather the mirror lens was supremely good, as it is dark enough to stop you from squinting all through the day. The brown tint was also very nice as it provided just a little bit of contrast. Vallon collaborates with Carl Zeiss, perhaps the world’s leading manufacturer of optical lenses and coatings, to develop the lenses for their Freebirds ski goggles. The lens is in turn equipped with a second inner anti-fog lens, to prevent fogging during intense activity and hot afternoons. At the end of the day the lens quality is very important for a good pair of goggles, and here the Vallon Freebirds certainly excels. 

When skiing in mist or snow, it can of course be hard to see the outline on the snow. The standard lens with a category 3 rating is too dark for when it gets really cloudy, but I did also try the interchangeable high-visibility lens which definitely improved the ski experience. You can easily switch between the lenses to adapt to changing weather conditions, though there are goggles on the market purpose built for switching lenses a little bit faster.

Comfort & Style

The ski goggles feature a “triple layer foam” and an adjustable strap that ensure a comfortable fit. The strap has silicone underneath it allowing the strap to sit securely against your helmet. I found the goggles to work well with my particular helmet, as you can see in the photos. 

During my testing of the Freebirds ski goggles, I very much liked the sleek design and their overall size. I reviewed the Black-Silver version, which are both a bit vintage looking while still being very sporty. There is a nice mix of color options available on Vallons website with different mirror lenses. 


Like most goggles these days the frame is made from TPU, known for being very durable. I didn’t experience any issues with the frame or materials during the days I skied with them. The lens I managed to keep free of scratches as I used the microfiber pouch on several occasions when I was not wearing the goggles.

A nice touch when I opened the package for the first time was that there was a message about picking up 1 kg plastic for every pair of goggles sold. Looking through the website it is clear it is a company that recognizes the environmental impact of production and consumption and strives to make their products and packaging more sustainable.

Final thoughts

The Freebirds ski goggles by Vallon are a great option for skiers looking to find a nice looking goggle for an affordable price that has the lens quality as good as anything on the market. The Carl Zeiss mirror lens provides really great vision, and is versatile enough to use for sunny and cloudy days, though when it gets really cloudy you need the orange lens for better visibility. The other standout feature of the Freebirds is of course the style. While I tried one of the least colorful options, it is obvious why the company has had such success in the last few years when looking at their very timeless designs. 

The Freebirds goggles are available on the Vallon website for €149 / $170. While there are definitely cheaper options on the market, given the Zeiss lenses and the overall quality of the materials it is a good deal. For me they are the best new goggles I’ve tried in a long time and I highly recommend anyone to consider them when looking to purchase goggles.

Review overview

Visibility / sunny conditions
Visibility / cloudy conditions (standard lens)
Sustainability/ Durability


The Vallon Freebirds ski goggles are an excellent choice thanks to the high-quality Carl Zeiss lens with anti-fog coating.
Dylan Verdoold
Dylan Verdoold
Ik breng mijn tijd graag door in de buitenlucht. Sinds een aantal jaar ben ik begonnen met volgen van verschillende klim cursussen bij de Nederlandse Klim- en Bergsport Vereniging (NKBV). Hierbij ligt de focus vooral op alpinisme. Voor mij is de juiste gear cruciaal om uiteindelijk de top van een berg te bereiken.

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The Vallon Freebirds ski goggles are an excellent choice thanks to the high-quality Carl Zeiss lens with anti-fog coating.Vallon Freebirds ski goggles; style, comfort and great vision | Review