Review: Osprey Dyna 6 trail run backpack

The last few months I tested one of the trailrun backpacks from Osprey: the Dyna 6. This is a medium size backpack with a 6 litre volume. The Dyna series also include the smaller Dyna 1.5 (1.5 litre) and the larger Dyna 15 (15 litre). The Dyna series is specifically designed for women and is therefore also not available in a men’s edition.

The Dyna 6 comes in one colour variation: green/turquoise with red details, and in two sizes: XS/S and S/M. I tested the backpack in a period of 2 months, in the wintertime, during my long runs of maximum 3 hours.

Features Osprey Dyna 6:

  • Material: tough, tear-resistant, durable
  • Sustainability: contains recycled material, PFC-free
  • Style: pack-vest with dual adjustable sternum straps, contact mesh fabric on the back, shoulderstraps and hipbelt
  • Ventilation: ventilation pockets on the back
  • Additional pockets: 2 mesh hipbelt pockets, key-clip, 4 front pockets, one zipped front pocket, Stow-On-the-Go trekking pole attachment, 2 back pockets, Hydraulics™ LT Reservoir
  • Drinking system: included
  • Volume: 6 litres
  • Weight: 290
  • Extras: incl. whistle, reflective graphics

I am pleasantly surprised by this running pack, although I have my doubts about how often you will take the Dyna 6 when going for your trainingrun or race. In my opinion, the pack is durable, comfortable and offers enough storage space. On the other hand, not all pockets are easily accessible, poles cannot be stored effectively and the combination of volume and material makes that the pack is constantly “present” while running. I think it is very personal whether you will like this running pack or not, where the type of training and competition you do are of main importance. Below I give my opinion on its comfort, storage possibilities and the drinking system.

Fit & comfort

The first thing that stands out for me, is the material of this running pack: it feels durable but at the same time a bit stiff. I expected that the stiffness would result in a low comfort when wearing the pack. However, the edges are nicely taped and in combination with the fit, I had no chafing issues*. The pack closes in the front with straps that are attached on a small plastic plate on the opposite side. At a first glance, this feels awkward while the plastic is rigid. But I noticed that the system actually works well and it is easy to do and undo, compared to other packs that use this system.

Review: Osprey Dyna 6 trail run backpack

The straps on the side can be used to adjust the fit of the pack. Despite its size, the pack stays put while running and does not bounce much. Nevertheless, due to the stiffness and the weight of the backpack you are constantly aware of its presence. Although the pack fits well, it sits quite high in my neck. I did not notice this during running but can imagine that it would be disturbing if you run steep downhills during which your head is tilted slightly backwards.

Nearly the entire inside of the pack is lined with a mesh which should ensure good ventilation. I have not tested in the summer and therefore cannot give a good judgement on the breathability of the Dyna 6. While wearing it, I did not feel that the backpack is much warmer compared to others.

Storage space

As most Osprey backpacks, this one is also equipped with many storage options. On the front are four pockets of which two are intended for soft flasks. The other two stretch pockets are placed on top. In addition, on the left side over the soft flask pocket, there is a pocket with a vertical zip. I really liked this feature because my phone fits exactly in it, whereas I often come across backpacks where you cannot hide your phone in a nice and safe way.

Review: Osprey Dyna 6 trail run backpack

At the back, there are three zipped compartments on top of each other. The first one can be used for taking along a camel bag (water reservoir). The second compartment is smaller and has two small pockets inside as well as a clip to attach keys. The outer pocket has the most space, making it ideal for a rain jacket or trousers, gloves, or food that you don’t need to reach quickly.

Over the outer pocket, there is an additional slip pocket made from stretch fabric that attaches to the top left and right with small snaps. This provides extra storage space but as it closes over the zippers of the other compartments, I found it unpractical. This additional slip pocket makes it harder to reach the other pockets. The hip belt also has stretch pockets on both the left and right side, ideal for quickly tucking away your gloves or buff. So, plenty of storage space! Actually so many options, that I even wondered if this could not work against you as you forget where you tucked your stuff.

Hydration system

The Dyna 6 comes with two 500 mL soft flasks with a straw that you can slide into the front of the pack. I am not a fan of straws because they often get in the way or hit your face while running. However, the Dyna 6 has a strap just above the pocket for the softflasks so you can easily tuck the straw away and they are not in the way while running. The softflasks don’t bounce while running because of the elastic band that clamps the screw cap under it. In addition to the front soft packs, the Dyna 6 also has the option of carrying a 1.5 litre camel bag/hydropack in the back. This hydropack can be secured with a strap while the tube can be led over the shoulder strap (either right or left).


On both the right and the left top of the shoulder straps are elastic ties to secure poles, whereas the other side can be put away in the pockets on the hip belt. The latter will not be an option for all poles because they may be too long. This is the feature of the backpack that I like the least: securing the poles is such that you cannot reach them easily and quickly. In addition, the points of your poles will be close to your face.

Final verdict

I personally like running packs where you forget you are carrying something on your back, which is unfortunately not the case with the Dyna 6. However, I am pleasantly surprised by the fit and comfort of this pack. Also, the material seems durable and wear-resistant and there is enough storage space for all your essential gear. Would I recommend this backpack? If you regularly do training runs of 4-6 hours, like days out in the mountains, then yes, the Dyna 6 would be a good match.

However, if you are running a race in which you want to quickly reach your poles and gear in the back, or if your runs do not last longer than 3 hours and you are mainly looking for a lightweight small running pack: then I do not recommend the Dyna 6. For a longer race or training where you need to be self-sufficient and thus carry a lot of gear, the volume of this pack will not suffice.


  • Durable, hard-wearing material
  • High comfort and good fit*
  • Sufficient storage options
  • Zipped pocket for phone
  • Possibility to carry up to 2,5 L of water


  • Sliding pocket on top of the other compartments in the back
  • No convenient storage for poles
  • Backpack feels “present” while running
  • Specific applicability: too big for short distance training, too small for long distances

* Due to weather conditions, I was only able to test the pack over a long-sleeved shirt. Therefore, I cannot say anything about the comfort while wearing a short-sleeved shirt or singlet underneath.

The Osprey Dyna 6 costs € 119.95 and is available at

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Storage space
Hydration system
Features (attachment poles)


I like backpacks where you forget that you have something on your back, which is unfortunately not the case with the Osprey Dyna 6. However, I am pleasantly surprised by this trail run backpack: the fit and comfort are good, it appears to be durable and abrasion resistant and there is enough storage space for your essential gear.
Renée Cardinaals
Ik ben Renée Cardinaals, 26 jaar en woonachtig in de Belgische Ardennen. Als hardloper met een liefde voor trails en crosses, zijn mijn hoofd, hart en indien mogelijk, voeten, vaak in de bergen te vinden. In mijn reviews probeer ik te kijken of de gear werkelijk praktisch is en een uitkomst kan bieden voor jouw avonturen. Of je nou wedstrijdambities hebt of gewoon graag mooie tochtjes maakt; je ervaring wordt een stuk leuker met de juiste gear!

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