A Closer Look at: Roxy Snowsports 2019-2020

This year was the second time Dees Hetzenauer came with us to ride an review snowboards. And twice she has impressed us, not only with her snowboard skills, but also with here appearance on the slopes, with quite stylish kit. So we thought it would be a good idea to ask her about Roxy, the brand of clothing that she always wears. It is good to note that Dees works for Roxy, and therefore this video is not objective, nor is it a review. It is no more and no less a closer look at Roxy.

Having said that, we’ll lead of by telling you that Roxy is a brand that makes clothing and accessories exlusively for ladies (Helmets, Goggles, hat gloves, etc.). Gentleman, do not stop reading, you might be able to surprise your better half with the knowledge you will gather here!

Roxy is into swim, surf, fitness and snowboarding. This “closer look” is limited to the snowsports line of 2019-2020.

As Dees says in the video is a brand that has a strong feminine look and appeal, but combines this with bad-ass flavoured cool. Funky feminine prints, with lots of light colors, cheerful flower and plant motifs are combined with dark planes in the clothing. The ratio in that combination happy-snappy and sober/dark varies from very light and pink and almost girly, to grungier and bad-ass. From catwalk, via casual to performance.


Talking about performance, the technical functionality (so how weatherproof and breathable are the products) varies from jackets and pants with Hydrostatic Head of 5000mm to 2-layer Gore-Tex jackets. (Check here if you have no idea what this means.)  5K is not super waterproof, but Gore-Tex on the other hand is, so you have options. The 2-layer jackets are Primalof insulate jackets, which is very comfortable/warm, but does compromise a bit on breathability with really heavy exertion (such as ski tours or split boarding). So you can really do almost anything on the mountain in various weather conditions, but I feel the brand is more about having fun, being stylish, feeling comfortable with a good dose of kick-ass than it is about pure high-end performance.

The Design is in the detail

What really stands out is the consistency and detailing in design. Most jackets have matching gloves, and midlayers also fit nicely with the rest in terms of design. There are also, as Dees says, typical women’s things. Such as the use of Roxy’s proprietary HydroSmart technology in which, for example, certain gloves and coats are treated with a “fully organic formula that protects, softens and nourishes your skin.” in places where it can chafe your skin. Soft hands and a soft chinny chin chin guaranteed.


For various products, Roxy already works with SpinDye (which we wrote about earlier), a Swedish company that dyes 100% recycled polyester yarn with very water-efficient technology. By dyeing the yarn itself you use less water and the product also becomes much more true to colour over a longer period of time. Regarding that polyester, Dees tells us that Roxy already works with 85% recycled material and largely with PFC-free DWR layers. On the Roxy site there is nothing more about their vision of sustainability, but according to Dees, they are committed to making the most sustainable choices possible and are struving towards 100% eco-friendly products.

If you enjoyed this closer look, be sure to check the Roxy site, it has a lot of great looking products on it. And if you are a skier, don’t worry. Just bring some of that snowboard style to you ski’s. You will look better for it!

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