The ultimate SUP board is the Billboard Heron 4

Looking for high-end gear, you sometimes come across gems. On my search for a decent inflatable sup board, for longer trips with the possibility to take a lot of equipment with me. I’ve seen and looked at many of them, but not one that met my requirements. Until I got in touch with Kira and Soren Strange from Billboard SUP, they make top-notch inflatable sup boards. The story behind it is as unique as the sup board itself.

Born from the desire to create a fast and stable paddleboard with a refined aesthetic. Billboard SUP has a unique approach that has resulted in a high-end sup board with essential features on an excellent sup board and made in the best materials with superior attention to detail.

The ultimate SUP board is the Billboard Heron 4

Started as a design agency

Billboard SUP founders Kira and Soren Strange own Strange Works, a design firm that creates luxury fashion accessories for major fashion houses such as Armani, Chanel, Chloe and Saint Laurent. They were introduced to stand-up paddling through their friend, actor, comedian, and enthusiastic supper Bill Bailey and fell in love with the sport’s simplicity and direct contact with nature. The feeling of being on the water and experiencing London from a new perspective was amazing. Since inflatable sup boards could be taken anywhere, they quickly realized there was massive potential for adventures beyond the river.

The ultimate SUP board is the Billboard Heron 4

They couldn’t find the right board to meet their needs for function and stability. The ideal board could hold all the gear for the big adventures they had in mind, was safe and stable, yet fast enough to paddle against solid tidal currents of the Thames. Nothing on the market was suitable… the idea of ​​Billboard SUP was born!

The ultimate SUP board is the Billboard Heron 4

Bill Bailey

Stand up comedian and stand up paddler. Bill is the “Bill” in Billboard. He is an avid SUP fan and calls himself The Calm Paddler. He loves to paddle quietly on the river, spot rare birds, get close to nature and enjoy the zen moments you experience on the water. Bill is a good friend and the one who introduced Kira and Soren to paddleboarding. Without him, this project would never have happened!

Paul Hyman

Paul, the founder of Active360 UK’s largest Stand Up Paddling School, is one of Britain’s most experienced and well-travelled paddleboarders. He has been on SUP expeditions worldwide, such as Scotland, East India, Greenland and Iceland. Widely respected for his expertise, Paul recently coached one of two British paddleboarders to become the first woman to cross the English Channel on a paddleboard.

The ultimate SUP board is the Billboard Heron 4

The Billboard Heron 4 meters (H4)

The board, that’s what it’s all about. With input from Bill Bailey and Active 360’s Paul Hyman, the Heron 4 was created. It is a board where a lot of attention has been paid to the details. The Heron 4 (meter) is inflatable, practical, versatile and rugged. The board can be taken anywhere and is ready in less than ten minutes.

The ultimate SUP board is the Billboard Heron 4
H4 Carbon Kit

Carry On Board System

The Carry On-Board System allows the user to attach a wide variety of bags directly to the board. The carrying bag can be attached to the board and act as a cargo hold. Action cam mount, Leafield valve and pressure relief valve. Triple skin bottom and bumpers for extra durability. Eight luggage loops at the back. Handles front and rear. The rolled-up board fits in a bag that can be checked in on the fly.

What’s included

  • Rescue Handles
  • Light supports
  • Reflective Markings
  • Safety whistle
  • Tough wheelie bag
  • Fully functional backpack straps and hip belt
  • High pressure pump HP1
  • A protective bag containing the hose and tool kitset
  • The pump bag also has additional holders for a fin and two Orbiloc lights


  • Weight 13.7kg
  • Dimensions 400 cm x 83 cm x 15 cm
  • American vinbox
  • Rolled board dimensions 26 cm x 38 cm x 89 cm
  • Bag size 100 cm x 45 cm x 35 c

The Billboard SUP H4 is available in black and white and two different kits; The H4 Glass Fiber Kit and the H4 Carbon Kit cost € 2,320 and € 2,420, respectively.

Hayco Volkers
Hayco Volkers
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