Heimplanet ‘Shades of Black’ with the limited Black Cairo Camo

The new limited Black Cairo Camo tent from Heimplanet. In the spring of 2015, Heimplanet introduced a tent cartridge that made it possible to camp in the wild unnoticed. The Cairo Camo, a camouflage-like pattern that was available on its entire range of tents. A unique pattern design inspired by traditional Arabic patterns. The geometry and the particular combination of colours creates a unique three-dimensional effect that allows Cairo Camo to blend into its surroundings thoroughly.

What once started as a colour variation for her tents has now grown into much more. Today, this pattern can be found in some way in almost all products of the brand.

The tiles of Cairo

The geometry of the tiles in Cairo was used as the basis for the design. As they were used in the middle of the last century, but can still be found in many streets.

Heimplanet’s vision was that they wanted to create a pattern that would blend into the environment without the military association while retaining reference to their geometric design principles.

The Cairo Camo pattern designed the basis of Heimplanet’s design approach and would like to take the opportunity to celebrate.

Heimplanet ‘Shades of Black’ met de limited Black Cairo Camo

The Black Cairo Camo – The Cave limited edition

The Cave is Heimplanet’s first inflatable tent and is still an icon. This is also the first tent they bring to the market in the limited Black Cairo Camo version.

All it takes is a pump, and the tent is up in less than a minute. Thanks to its geodesic dome construction with ten intersections, The Cave is extremely strong, and because it is made of high-quality materials, it offers weather resistance and durability. The Inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG) actual stability and intuitive and easy installation of The Cave so you can get the most out of your trip.

It supports the waterproof RipStop Polyester flysheet and the RipStop Nylon inner tent with many storage compartments. The vestibule is suitable for storing smaller items or your shoes. The gear loft under the inner tent roof offers extra storage space – place your lamp in it and create a diffused and ambient light in The Cave.

Heimplanet ‘Shades of Black’ met de limited Black Cairo Camo

For everyone who loves travel and simplicity! Inflatable frame, inner and flysheet work as only need to be mounted on the very first set up. From the second time, you have to pump it up.

The Black Cairo Camo – The Cave limited edition costs € 749.00 and is available through the Heimplanet webshop.

Also as shirt prints

To empower the new Camo Edition, the Signature Pattern is also available in two new shirt designs featuring the proven COOLEVER principle. The fibre mix of cotton, polyester and spandex ensures a particularly fast absorption of moisture and fast drying and therefore offers a high wearing comfort.

Also available through the Heimplanet webshop.

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