Video: Behind the Scenes Danny MacAskill & Claudio Caluori

We love just about everything Danny MacAskill does, and Claudio Caluori’s live downhill trail previews are so hilarious and fun that they have become icons in themselves. So when they team up you are sure to get a great video. But what I like even more than action edits are the behind the scenes versions. Because then you really get a feel for what kind of work, falls, fails, pain and skill go into landing the tricks that you see so smoothly executed in the final product.

I have to say the original video, filmed in Switzerland’s Graubünden area, is a lot of fun as well. A few amazing sends, humour, some scripted but also a lot of spontaneous fun things happening. And that 55-meter high bridge railing ride over the Wiesener viaduct by Danny is a stomach turner. Very enjoyable!

And as a PS: Danny is wearing the Enduro MT500 Jersey and Pants which we are going to be reviewing pretty soon. So stay tuned!

Compliments to Graubünden for a great piece of area marketing with the video. I feel like coming and if you do to, check out


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