In Stubai, Mark and I were able to review the new POC Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN helmet and the POC Fovea Clarity ski goggles last November. The POC Auric Cut Backcountry is an all-mountain ski and snowboard helmet with an adjustment system for the fit and a system with multiple ventilation systems.

In recent years POC has paid a lot of attention to innovations such as MIPS and the new SPIN technology. These are aimed at preventing dangerous rotational forces of the brain at impact.

POC Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN helmet

The Auric Cut Backcountry helmet is equipped with POC’s SPIN technology. Means of internal cushions reduce the impact of a fall. These cushions are fitted in the helmet so that they can slide in any direction during impact. This process is inspired by the own internal protection system of the brain; the cerebrospinal fluid that protects the head during an impact.

POC’s SPIN system.

The helmet also features a multi-impact EPP liner, which can withstand multiple impacts and has a durable ABS shell.

This Auric Cut Backcountry helmet also has an integrated RECCO reflector. The adjustment system offers a superior and flexible fit and the adjustable ventilation openings on the front and top of the helmet make it extra comfortable.

Comfort & Fit

The POC Auric Cut Backcountry has comfortable ear cushions that completely cover the ears against wind and cold. There are no pressure points when tightening the adjustable pass system, which contributes to a pleasant fit. The hem and ski goggles connect well with each other.

Comment Mark “From POC we are used to making excellent and comfortable protective material. The POC helmet was no exception. Pleasant fit and the connection of the helmet to the ski goggles is, as always, very good. ”


The helmet feels very nice and not too heavy, and I experienced no obstruction in the freedom of movement. In general, the helmet feels safe when secured with the chin strap and the 360-degree adjustable pass system.


The POC Auric Cut Backcountry has extremely good breathability due to the two different adjustable ventilation systems. The upper system has six ventilation openings; the front system has two vents to prevent your ski goggles from covering. Both were easy to operate with gloves on. The inner lining, which can be removed entirely together with the ear cushions, keeps the head well on temperature.

Ease of Use

The chin strap was easy to adjust, but the 360-degree adjustable pass system was slightly harder to operate with gloves on. The glasses clip is easy to fix.

POC Fovea Clarity ski goggles

The POC Fovea Clarity ski goggles are equipped with lenses developed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss. The POC Fovea comes with a category 2 Spektris Orange lens. This lens allows 22 percent light through and is therefore suitable for slightly cloudy weather conditions. The Clarity technology of the lens enhances contrast and provides sharp and clear vision. This has a calming effect on your eyes. Due to the reflective coating, the lens reflects bright sun rays and is provided with a scratch-resistant coating. This prevents scratches when you, for example, wipe your lens with a glove while skiing or snowboarding.

The nice thing is that this lens is good to use in sunny, semi-cloudy and cloudy weather. The frame also feels very nice and has a full field of view.

Comment Mark “The lens on our ski goggles, was a good thing for some flattering light. It helps with contrast on the track (and off-piste).”


The POC Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN has a comfortable fit, a versatile ventilation system and a seam-length connection of ski goggles on the helmet. The Spektris Orange lens of the Fovea Clarity ski goggles gives a natural image of the environment so that you can better perceive depth.

POC Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN helmet

Retail price: € 220,-

POC Fovea Clarity
ski goggles

Retail price: € 180,-


  1. I bought and returned the helmet. You find there are no pressure points (fit and comfort) but in fact there are hard plastic strings on both sides of the inside of the helmet, not covered by any lining. They are part of the fitting system. These hurt me a lot making the helmet unsusable. It is a design flaw, serious issue. Unless it is corrected one shall avoid buying.

    • HiTom, thanks for the input. Sorry to hear the helmet dissapointed. We did not have the opportunity to check it out. Your experience makes me even more curious!


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