The Norrøna Fjørå Flex1 Shorts and Pants have been on the market for a while. As a tester, I have been lucky enough to own Norrøna Fjørå Flex1 Shorts and Pants for several years and put them through the test thoroughly. Over a period of 3 years, I have tested them in dry as well as in wet conditions and during summer and winter riding.

No Shorts Cut!! – The Norrøna Fjørå Flex1 Shorts and Pants

Over the last 10 years or so mountain biking has evolved into numerous riding styles and disciplines. When mountain biking took off bikes were bikes and your gear was more or less what you found in the road bike selection of a shop. Cross-country, trail, all-mountain, endure and down-hill where all considered equal.

Luckily nowadays every riding style has his own clothing-line and proposedly developed gear. Moreover, many outdoor brands have started offering premium quality riding gear. While Norrøna has been offering outdoor gear for many years and the company is now in the hands of the fourth generation they have entered the mountain bike industry a number of years ago. Norrøna came to my attention because of their premium and high-quality winter- and outdoor gear. There Fjørå Flex1 Shorts were one of their first mountain items and they quickly got my attention because of their unique style and features.

Fit & Features

The Norrøna Fjørå Flex1 shorts and pants are designed for long days in the saddle and for those rides that demand the best. They have enough pockets, a zip adjustable vented meshed and inseam to be comfortable for a long day out in the mountains.

What I like about the shorts, in particular, are the high cut crotch, which allows for secure manoeuvring on your saddle during steep technical descents. Some more baggy style shorts have the tendency to get stuck in your seat when you are riding technical sections and can cause an unpleasant surprise when moving around on your bike.

I ride a high quality padded bib short under my shorts, in general, the inner-short that comes with baggy mountain bike shorts feel like an afterthought and do not provide a comfort for long rides. The fact that the Norrøna short and pants come without an inner short for me is a plus. The other features I have come to appreciate are the zip adjustable vented mesh and high waistband. The short is made of a very durable fabric and not the lightest of short and can be a bit warm during hot days, yet the zip adjustable vented mesh allows you to open up the short an increase air flow. The high waistband makes for an excellent fit and prevents to shorts from sidling down while climbing long or steep climbs.

The shorts may not have the most attractive price, nonetheless are durable and made of high quality and will be with you for many enjoyable seasons of riding. Comparisons to more affordable short they are worth every penny and a good investment if you are a frequent biker that spends long days in the saddle.

Sustainability & Service

I have chosen brands like Norrøna as my preferred brands over the years. They offer their unique features and quality yet they have an exceptional approach to sustainability and service. Nothing is worse than to have your favourite piece of gear being damaged or worn out. Norrøna offers a repair service which allows you to have your gear fixed. I have pieces of riding gear that well over 10 years old and have been kept going with the excellent service as such. Nothing is more enjoyable to have your best riding gear fixed and being able to enjoy it for many more years. I love this service and suitable approach.


  • Quality and durability
  • Fit and adjustability, excellent fit with knee pads
  • Enough pockets and compartment that are well situated on the shorts and pants
  • Zip adjustable vents and high waist fit
  • Low crotch for increase maneuverability on your seat
  • Excellent value for money, unmatched customer service and approach to sustainability


  • Initial purchase price
  • Not the lightest of all shorts


The initial purchase price of the Norrøna Fjørå Flex1 shorts and pants maybe somewhat high. However, if you are spending long days in the saddle and appreciate high quality and comfortable gear that will be with you for many years Norrøna can be your brand of choice.


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