In the beginning of summer, I received this Hydro Flask Standard Mouth 0.7 L to use and review. At first glance, I was immediately impressed: it looked solid and good. But Hydro Flask was an unknown brand to me and I wanted to know more about the company and their background.

In 2009 in Bend, Oregon, Hydro Flask began to produce insulated thermos bottles with the idea of always having a cold or hot drink during outdoor activities. Since then, they have expanded their assortment to more than 100 products. Since 2015, they are also active in Europe.

The promise

In this review, we are looking at the 0.7-liter insulation bottle. Hydro Flask claims that the insulation bottle will keep your hot drink warm for 12 hours and keep your cold drink cold for 24 hours. That is quite a promise and I decided it would be a good idea to test just that. So I filled the bottle with boiling water and every hour I checken how hot the water still was. After 8 hours the 100 degrees Celsius water had cooled to 65 degrees Celsius. Now, of course, it’s not hot enough to set a new and fresh cup of perfect coffee, but on a cold day, a cup of pre-set tea or coffee of 65 degrees will still give you a nice warm feeling. So in conclusion that is a part of the promise Hydro Flask certainly has kept.

The Hydro Flask is really easy in day to day use. We used it during our vacation to have coffee or tea in the car or to drink tea or coffee during various activities and that went well. The bottle stays cool on the outside and does not leak.

The only thing that was noticeable was that the steel ring just beneath the cap became hot when there was a warm drink in the bottle. Not warm enough to hurt you, but it did startle me a bit.

The cap seals very well and gives you the feeling that you can stow it safely at the bottom of your daypack without having to worry if it will leak. Not a small thing if you go on that hour long day hike.

In short, a good insulation bottle which does what it has to do and looks good. Highly recommended.

The Hydro Bottle Standard Mouth 0.7 liter insulation bottle is available in four colors (blue, white, green and black) and retails at € 39,95.

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth 0,7 L
INsulation bottle


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