The stubborn autumn months present themselves, meaning rain, wind, leaves, slippery and wet roads and paths. You can choose to stay indoors, locked behind the TV or laptop. Another choice is one with which you discover nature and literally put on the naughty shoes. With the arrival of the Adidas trail shoe, that choice is a lot easier. The Adidas Terrex lacks the fear of the elements. Outdoor is never the same again.

With the Terrex model, Adidas is building the future for fanatic trailers. Because: the number of copies issued in this line is huge. The German brand thus enables various outdoor enthusiasts to practice their passion. Mountaineering? Abseiling? Hiking through a hilly landscape? A trail run? Or a medium-long walk through an endlessly rolling area?

The Agravic, the Flow, the Skychaser, the East Trail, the Switch or the Snowpitch. One by one models from the Terrex series, with its own character and characteristic capacities. Terrex is much more than a hiking shoe, a hiking aid or outdoor equipment: it is a shoe that takes the experience from outside to the next level.

With the Terrex, the brand remains true to itself. The occurrence of many of the shoes is exceptionally robust, sturdy and durable. On the upper the GORE-TEX material gives a waterproof and dry feeling. You can step into the puddles, through the lakes and the meltwater without the socks or feet bothering you. This material also gives a comfortable and stable injection to the fit of Adidas Terrex shoes. Adidas’ three stripes are prominent on the side panels of the shoe. As a signature for the spectators.

With the traction material, the sole in the shoes have a way to increase the grip. Safety, stability and confidence in the next step, therefore, remain of paramount importance, and this gives you, as a carrier, the comfort to choose a challenging trail. The Terrex is one that challenges the brain of the real outdoor specialist — looking for the boundaries of the environment and the body.

No obstacle is too crazy. Rocks, trees, narrow and winding paths or drenched mud pools. Overcoming the elements is in the DNA of this sustainable and sporty outdoor line. With an EVA midsole the cushioning is more than good: this part of the shoe provides even more grip, while the direction on the compass does not matter. In every wind direction the hiker moves, the midsole controls the surface.

Despite the many advantages of the shoe, the weight of the Adidas Terrex is remarkably low. An indication? Three hundred grams is on the counter with the majority of models. When wearing this shoe, the senses focus on the environment, the views, the horizons and the natural phenomena. The Terrex simply does what it serves: to conquer everything on the surface.


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