Our best ‘insulated’ picks for autumn and winter 2023/2024

For optimal protection during your cold and rainy outdoor adventures, we have compiled an overview of the best insulated jackets on the market. When making your choice for the right jacket, it is important to take into account the specific conditions you will encounter during your next trip. This choice strongly depends on the type of activity you have in mind: are you an avid skier, hiker, or simply looking for a warm, waterproof jacket?

In the comparison table below, we have examined all the essential aspects (e.g. price-quality, durability, functionality, etc.) of fife similar insulated jackets to help you make the best decision this winter!

Cortazu Insulated Hardshell

Our best 'insulated' picks for autumn and winter 2023/2024

The Cortazu isolated hardshell is an absolute top performer, whether you’re going skiing, hiking, or using it for everyday wear. This jacket keeps you warm and dry, so you don’t have to worry about the weather. The insulation of the jacket is equivalent to that of an 800 fill power down. The lining of this jacket is produced sustainably from recycled PET bottles. The jacket has a total of seven waterproof pockets, fully taped seams, an adjustable hood, and other convenient details.

Fun fact: Cortazu is highly committed to sustainability. They are the first Dutch outdoor company with a B-Corp certification, and all their jackets are made from at least 50% recycled materials. Additionally, they are also involved in greening efforts, in collaboration with JustDiggit, where they restore 100m2 of land per product sold!

Rab Khroma Volition

Our best 'insulated' picks for autumn and winter 2023/2024

The Rab Khroma Volition is an excellent choice for avid skiers looking for ultimate protection against the cold. The PrimaLoft Gold insulation provides exceptional warmth, even in icy conditions, and the adjustable helmet-compatible hood offers extra cosiness. It is important to note that the Khroma Volition may have limited use outside of skiing due to its specific design, so it is unsuitable as an everyday winter jacket. This jacket is perfect if you’re hitting the slopes this winter.

Arc’teryx Beta Down

Our best 'insulated' picks for autumn and winter 2023/2024

The Arc’teryx Beta Down jacket is a great choice for cold winter adventures. This hardshell provides warmth to fully enjoy the winter season. Whether you’re going climbing, warming up in the hut after a day of touring, or hiking in cold and wet weather, you can always rely on the proven water and windproof protection of Gore-Tex. Unfortunately, the insulation is goose down with 850 fill power. Also, the price is a downside, with the Arc’teryx jacket being the most expensive on the market.

Peak Performance Gravity

Our best 'insulated' picks for autumn and winter 2023/2024

The Peak Performance Gravity jacket is designed with serious freeride skiers in mind. This 2-layer Gore-Tex jacket is lightly insulated to keep you warm and dry in harsh weather conditions. In addition to its full waterproofness, the jacket is equipped with a Recco® Rescue System Reflector, providing functionality and safety, so you can confidently explore the mountains.

While the Gravity jacket certainly has some good qualities, the price can be a deterrent for budget-conscious consumers. Furthermore, when compared to some other options, the Gravity jacket lacks certain additional features and details that can be handy for the discerning skier. It’s important to take these factors into consideration when making your choice. Examples of these include the relatively heavy weight, the lining, which, in our opinion, is insufficient, and the long fit, which can be cumbersome during skiing or snowboarding.

The North Face Cirque

Our best 'insulated' picks for autumn and winter 2023/2024

The North Face Cirque jacket is designed to provide you with full protection against rain and snow while lightweight materials help maintain your body temperature and keep you comfortable. The jacket keeps the wind out, which means your perceived temperature remains stable even on windy days. With lofty down insulation, you’ll stay warm in cold conditions, and the synthetic insulation ensures you stay warm even in damp conditions.

Nevertheless, there have been some user reports about the fit and design of the jacket, which could potentially limit freedom of movement. Additionally, this jacket is the heaviest of all four and does not contribute to durability. For outdoor enthusiasts, this is an important aspect, and therefore it carries significant weight in our evaluation.

Final thoughts

All in all, research and experience show that the Cortazu jacket is the ideal option. The jacket has the best price-quality ratio and excellent features, and we are delighted with the company’s special sustainability approach.

Whichever jacket you choose, we wish everyone a lot of fun with the adventures that await them. Time to gear up!

Reno de Jager
Reno de Jager
Mijn grootste passies zijn hiken, mountainbiken en fitness, daarnaast mag ik graag reizen. Zowel actieve als culturele - liefst een combinatie van beiden - hebben mijn voorkeur.

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