Fjällräven now also focus on warm weather conditions with Abisko collection

We know from Fjällräven that her clothing is mainly focused on cold weather conditions. In recent years they have seen the need also to develop clothing and introduce products that are optimized for warmer climates. They are now setting a new standard for hiking tours in more temperate climates with the Abisko midsummer collection.

During summer walking tours you will encounter everything from well-maintained trails in the pleasant sun to steep rocky parts in the burning heat, pouring rain, thunderstorms or even snow. What a trip it will depend on how high you are above sea level, what the weather has in store for you and where in the world you are.

Fjällräven nu ook focus op warme weersomstandigheden met Abisko collectie

The new Abisko midsummer collection is optimized for walks in warm weather. Lightweight, ventilating, quick-drying and easy to pack. With a timeless design, by which Fjällräven can be recognized. With a strong focus on sustainability. Each item of clothing must withstand not only the rigors of the trail but also the fast trends and short-lived fads. Always relevant, for as many years as possible.

Fjällräven G-1000 Air Stretch

G-1000 Air Stretch is a high-quality mechanical stretch fabric. The newest addition to the diverse range of materials. Developed based on the original G-1000 fabric from Fjällräven.

The functionality of the G-1000 Air Stretch is perfect for clothing that needs to be light and airy and where you can move well—made from organic cotton and partially recycled polyester. As with all G-1000 variants, the fabric is durable, and you are well prepared for all types of outdoor activities.

The Fjällräven Abisko midsummer collection

At around the same pace as Fjällräven conquered markets around the world, the development of new fabrics for warm climates within the company has made significant progress. Lighter, lighter fabrics such as, G-1000 Air, in combination with smart ventilation solutions such as in the Keb Trousers are two examples of clothing and innovations that make trekking in warm weather more pleasant.

Fjällräven nu ook focus op warme weersomstandigheden met Abisko collectie

Abisko Midsummer Jacket M/W

With these innovations, Fjällräven adds the Abisko midsummer collection to the Abisko product family. The focus is on lighter clothing with extra airflow and freedom of movement, which dry faster than ever.
Fjällräven nu ook focus op warme weersomstandigheden met Abisko collectie

Abisko Midsummer Trousers M/W

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