We just arrived back home from Austria, a long days’ drive behind us, with plenty of time to look back on an amazing weekend in Montafon. There we tied up our trail run campaign #JouwTrailNaarMontafon during the Montafon Arlberg Marathon where “our” prize winner Renee Cardinaals ran a brilliant race. And came in first in her category plus a 3rd place overall! Just,…wow!

We were in the opportunity to accompany here throught the entire 42km with her to film and capture her marathon. That video is coming very soon. But in the meantime we want to thank a few people very much:

  • First of all Renee of course. With just 1.5 years of trail running experience already become a fantastic athlete. #JouwTrailTo Montafon became #Renee’sTrail. Great job and we have had a great time with you and your father Hans, who also ran the 33 km last weekend, congratulations with that as well.
  • Andre Korpelshoek and Danielle Willems, our two “runners up”; thanks for running your tails off and enjoying the Koning van Spanje trail together, the “qualification ” for the Montafon Arlberg Marathon.
  • All those enthousiastic trailrunners who entered their favorite local trails here in the Netherlands.
  • Last but certainly not least, our project partners Salomon en Montafon. All our winners received a generous and very complete trail run package from Salomon and the hospitality of Montafon was unsurpassed.

As far as we are concerned, next year again! Montafon is just such a beautiful place to be. Stay tuned and don’t miss the upcoming video of Renee and Montafon Arlberg Marathon.


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