I have to give it to GoPro, they just keep going strong. Bringing the smallest GoPro to date to the market. Its a small cube, and in that they are not the first. The Polaroid Cube has been on the market quite sometime, but its video specs are no where near that of the GoPro. (It is a lot cheaper though:around € 120,- where the GoPro session is a hefty € 429,-).

And obviously, the Cube is not a GoPro, and GoPro is just, well, GoPro. The market leader, still. And that is because they keep coming up with these products. I just want it, even though my GoPro is fine; I still want the new one. Even though it’s not the best in their line-up, I want this small funky cube attached to my helmet, being all lightweight and waterproof without a housing (up to 10 meters of course). And sure there is no LCD screen, didn’t like those anyway, sure you can’t film at 120 FPS at 1080 (say goodbye to those full HD smooth slomo’s), it doens’t do 4K (can’t work with those huge files anyway): screw all that, its cool and I want it.

Just to add a sensible note to the gadget greed I am feeling: what I do really like about it, is the ease of use. They have simplified the controls even further, just one button for everything, they have produced mounts that allow you to flip the camera in every which way. Turn it upside down and the camera autoflips your footage so you don’t have to flip stuf in editing. It just easier to really get a lot of different cool angles to your footage. And with its very small size it will just fit more snuggly on everything you mount it to: making it a bit safer to use as well. The smaller the size the less likely it is to get stuck on branches, smash into rocks or get caught in your wheels. According to the Verge, who had some hands-on time with the Session, it also outlasts other GoPro’s on battery life as well. So that is a great thing.

So if you want ease of use and don’t mind really fair but not “off the chart” specs; and still have a fair amount of cash to spend: this is your thing.

And did I say I thought it was cool?


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