Presenting de Specialized StumpJumper promo video: better than ever

It’s not usual for us to share promotional video’s of brand products willy-nilly. But in the case of the Specialized Stumpjumper video, we are making an exception, with a big smile on our faces!

Where many promo videos of newly launched bike are high octane action edits, shot with the highest end Red-line cameras, on perfectly prepared trails and the best team riders, Specialized has done something completely different with the StumpJumper.

Maybe the guys at Specialized read the blog post that we posted on, in which, amongst other things, we ventilated our growing, shall we say, indifference, to the endless stream of high-octane action edits in which neither brands nor bicycles really stand out.

Probably not, but anyway, this edit is very different and one we’ve watched to the end. Humor, action (a little bit), information, all presented in a really cool way.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this video won’t go on to win some industry awards in marketing and/or advertising. It’s certainly racking up a lot of views on social and youtube.

And oh yeah, the StumpJumper: looks like a thoroughly awesome bike, we hope to ride it this spring!


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