Most Amazing Snowboard Drone Footage Ever!

What do you do when you want next level high-speed freaky drone footage of the most amazing backcountry snowboarding? You ask some drone racers to suit up, put on their FPV (First Person Viewer) goggles and go crazy. The result is a high-paced edit with completely unreal images. Beautifully shot, to say the least, but with angles changing so quickly and suddenly I could feel my body physically react. Light nausea mixed with goose-bumps and awe-gasps.

How these guys managed to keep up with the boarders and shoot so much grandiose stuff is beyond me. The drones used are nimble as hell and the pilots are truly amazing in the way they anticipate the enormous jumps and high-speed shreds. The camera work almost eclipses the amazing riding by Torstein Horgmo, Werni Stock, Craig McMorris and Anto Chamberland. A match made in powder heaven actually.

The bar on action sports drone footage has just been raised mile high. Our resident drone pilot Hayco has something to aim for ;-).

Big congratulations to Shredbots for the amazing work!



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