Bikepacking Belgium part 5: Houffalize, the heart of outdoor in the Ardennes

When we were planning our bikepacking adventure, one thing was certain. We had to pass through Houffalize, if only to pay homage to the status of this town and the area around it as perhaps the heart of the outdoor sport in the Ardennes. And also to do a few trails. We certainly did that, only to discover -to no surprise to be honest- that only the quality of straps and materials prevented our packs to be launched off our bikes as we charged over the rocks and roots of the trails around Houffalize.

Steep, rocky, wet and muddy when we were there, through beautiful forest and to beautiful streams in hidden valleys. The trails in and around Houffalize are truly a paradise for mountain bikers.

But there is much more to do in and around Houffalize. Not that we had time for this, but take a week off and you can climb, go rafting or kayaking, and of course, go on fantastic hikes, and in nearby Achouffe celebrate all that with a delicious L’Achouffe beer. That was the final destination of our trip, which we reached about 1,5 hours later. With a big smile on our faces.

Of you want to check out the complete video of our Bikepacking take a look below.


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