Onze again, nice things are coming out of Sweden: this time a auto manufacturer that is able to look fyrther than its own bumper. But what’s a car manufacturer doing on GearLimits? Its really quite simple. Volvo, the brand in question, is well know for its efforts on safety. And safety just happens to be one of our three points we at GearLimits focus on when reviewing gear. The idea of Volvo is also quite simple: if you can improve the safety of cylists and pedestrians, you will be helping the safety of the driver.

So how can you help improve safety for cyclists, runners, pedestrians and others? By making them ever more visible in traffic. Be it busy inner city traffic or darkened country roads. Enter Volvo’s LifePaint. It’s a colourless spray, invisible in daylight, but very visible at night, especially when the headlights of a car hits the paint. You can spray your bike, shoes, jacket, backpack, helmet etcetera. And you need not worry about your clothing of colours of the material you are spray painting, says Volvo: It does not effect colours and has no negative effects on the surface itself. It is washable and the spray has a life span of about a week. So there you go. Worth trying it out, isn’t it?

As far as we can tell, Lifepaint is only available in five shops in the greater London area. It seems to have been an initiative of the UK branch of Volvo (not really coming out of Sweden,…so, but anyway). We are looking forward to hearing how it helps and are looking forward to the product coming to the Netherlands. More than enough cyclists here that would welcome this solution.


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