Bikepacking Belgium part 3: Bikes & Beers

What could be better than a delicious cold beer after a long intensive day of riding? Simply a match made in heaven. Certainly if you have a locally brewed Belgian beer in your glass. And especially if you know that the water from which the beer is brewed has been filtered through the same country from and around the High Fens (Hautes Fagnes) that you have cycled through all day. The water that we fell sixty hair before is now in your glass. We thought a nice thought.

With a light beer at the Abbey de Val Dieu at the (relative) beginning of our three days and an ending with well-known but no less tasty L’Achouffe beer at the end, with a view of the brewery, it was all very nice. And then there are various larger and smaller breweries (such as the Bellevaux Brewery) that we, unfortunately, could not visit, but are more than worth it!

All in all, these beers fit well in our journey, which was also an experiment in sustainability. Watch the entire travel documentary below.

Bikepacking Belgium: an Experiment in Sustainability


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