Video Review: Berghaus Hyper and Hyper 100 jackets | Part 2

After the amazing time we had in Kielder Forest, we returned to Holland. We had planned to swing by Berghaus HQ during this first visit but thanks to storm Doris we didn’t have enough time to do that. So three weeks later we flew back to Newcastle, drove to Sunderland and had the chat we had been waiting for; and more. Besides talking to James about the development of the Hyper and the Hyper 100 jacket we had the opportunity to roam around Berghaus HQ freely, talk to the team there and visit the MtnHaus.

This is the design and development lab where all Berghaus’ innovations come from. Quite a unique set-up, with the journey of a garment actually starting in the sample lab where Berghaus can quickly move from sketches to products. Sample technicians and sample makers can quickly make production standard garments, with Gore-Tex taping machines, a down manufacturing chamber where down garments can be weighed out. So at every turn, you can focus on every detail, and where in many cases a garment will see three or four prototype stages, “for our 8000 Pro Jacket we made 28 samples, before that we made 20 to 30 hoods and cuff tabs, it took as maybe 40 goes to get the back pleat waterproof: without a facility such as this, that would not be possible.”  After the prototype garment is made they take it to the MtnHaus lab. That’s where the prototypes are tested.
The lab is lined with equipment to measure every possible characteristic of a chosen fabric, including breathability (MVTR), waterproofness (Hydrostatic Head), spray testing, air permeability, tear strength and abrasion resistance. Like kids in a candy store, we followed the MtnHaus guys around explaining the application and purpose of every machine to us. We’ve never had such an in-depth and detailed insight into the production of gear. And besides being fascinating to talk to these very passionate and competent gear developers we learned a lot in our brief sojourn with Berghaus.

The in-depth written reviews are coming up soon. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the review video’s and be sure to check the first installment of our project with Berghaus.

We were very happy and thankful for the openness and hospitality provided to us by Berghaus. To learn so much about a brand and how it works at developing gear helps us, in turn, inform you, our readers even better about what gear would be the best choice for you.

And if you are as enthusiastic about the fast and light Hyper 100 Jacket as we are, be sure to keep an eye on this site and our social media. Because with Berghaus we will be giving away the Hyper 100 starting next week. So stay tuned.

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Editor's Squad
Editor's Squad
Bij GearLimits geloven we dat goed materiaal leidt tot betere prestaties, meer plezier en hogere veiligheid. Voor elke sporter die zijn grenzen wil verleggen en zijn plezier wil vergroten is dit een must. GearLimits helpt je hierbij.


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