A few weeks ago we blogged about the way various brands are striving to find more eco-friendly ways to produce gear. The challenge or the textile/clothing/fashion industry, the second “dirtiest” indusrty in the world , only after oil, is huge and important. And it is particularly poignant in a niche of that huge industry that is dependant on the preservation of nature. If we in the outdoor industry are not eco-minded and don’t do our best to push towards thinking how we can make our industry clearer, than who will.

Among the brands finding their way and developing their individual take on eco-friendly thinking is Haglöfs. Their new EcoProof Jacket is the first product that is a result on the take of this premier Swedish Outdoor brand.

There are two very interesting things about Haglöfs new Eco-Proof Jacket, on the one hand it is an expression of Haglöfs commitment towards developing more Eco friendly Jackets, and on the other hand it takes a more fashion oriented design direction while looking to keep to the functional quality we have come to expect from Haglöfs. It does this by using its PROOF ™ ECO 3-layer made for 52% from recycled polyester and 48% regular polyester and by a construction following the “re-use is better than replace ethos”. This means for example that zippers and buttons are easy to replace. The result is a jacket that can be used longer durability can be found in the longevity of use of the product.

This spring I will be using the EcoProof Jacket in various circumstances. My first impression based on a five day trip to Scotland is quite positive. I quite like the look of the jacket, the fabric feel is very natural, and the wind and waterproofness has already been put to the test by amazingly abismal weather on the Isle of Skye. The coming weeks I hope to be able to dive deeper into the EcoProof Jacket. Review coming up so stay tuned!


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