In 2015 we had the good fortune to attend the Haglöfs Arctic weekend in Riksgransen. With many wintersports enthousiasts and Haglöfs friends were there. Shortly afterwards I found this great video online of one of the friends we met Asbjørn Eggebø Næss skitouring in Sogndal, Norway.

I really love this video because it keeps reminding me of the tour we did in Riksgransen (me on a splitboard) with one of the other Haglöfs friends. The calm but steady pace we set, the silence of those mountains, just amazing. We came across a little cabin, not inlike the one in the video, and stayed for lunch. I just love the fact that the cabin in the video is just completely covered in snow, and that the guys have to dig it out completely. The next morning brings coffee and silence of the mountain. And then a last push to the top and skiing…

The skiing in this video is just amazing; at 3:30 Asmund Thorsen sends it with a huge backflip off the mountain. The scenery is just overwhelming, with the end of the video showing the guys skiing towards the fjord to end their trip.



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