Today I ran across the trailer you can see above these lines. I just happened to open youtube at my work, and was immidiately drawn in by the dramatic and spectacular imagery. I dove deeper into the film and saw that it was a trailer to a film series that Jordan Manley, photographer en cinematographer had made/was making. A film about a journey. About skiing but also about not skiing, about being part of a mosaic as a traveller.

Dream away to this amazing cinematography, the excruciating beauty of our planet. Not only about the clean lines we fantasize about, but also about the grime and sweat and sleepless nights that journeys bring as well.

I am a sucker for journeys. Watching the first episode, I felt myself drawn to go on one myself, not sure which one, but sometimes you come across things that don’t only seem to cross borders into new experiences, but actually make borders void, that are limitless.

Heading to Iran to ski is crossing borders on many levels: obviously geographical, political and culutural borders, but also of expectations, prejudices perhaps. And what they find on the other side…well check it out for yourselves.

Season 4 - Episode 1: Iran


We are going to follow these films as they appear. Please check out the first installments underneath.

For more about the project check out Worth a mention, as a Gear oriented platform that we are, is the partnering of GoreTex an Arc’Teryx to this project. Very cool to help make these kinds of projects possible.


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