Markus Eder explores his local terrain of Südtirol in My Playground

The North Face athlete Markus Eder explores his local terrain of Südtirol, Italy, in a new film My Playground. Based around the Fadrer Alm hut which his father recently renovated, he talks about how the father & son duo escape to the spot to go ski touring, before showing off the local scenery by riding epic lines, and finding natural kickers along the way to land a mix of flips and grabs.

“A few years ago I thought that to do the best skiing possible you had to go to Canada or Alaska to catch the best powder, but I think over here in Italy you just need to keep your eyes open and you may even find better,” explained Markus. “My Dad always came past Fadrer Alm ski touring, and when I saw the amazing terrain all around, I really wanted to make some skiing happen there.”

“We have one small heated room where we have to make a fire every day, there is no running water, but we know where there is a running river; it’s a simple life but I love it. The only thing up there you have to care about is staying warm, water, and skiing; the perfect playground for me!”


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