“He said that if somebody you loves walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.” The love between a man Ben Moon and his dog Denali. Companionship, joy, sadness. Not much you need to say. Beautiful story telling, beautiful photography.

Ben Moon is a photograhper and cinematographer working out of Portland Oregon. But also a surfer, rock climber and adventurer. During the past 14,5 years, Denali accompanied him on his adventures. Picked up from a dog pound in 1999, Moon and Denali soon lived a nomadic life, living out of his camper van, travelling through the USA during which Ben started his career as a fotographer, focusing on rock climbing and surfing. In 2004 Ben is daignosed with cancer. The images in the film tell of the incredible support Ben found in Denali, the dog staying at his side during the duration of the cancer treatement. Ben recovers from cancer, and they live on together for many happy years.

The story speaks of the last goodbye of these two friends.


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