Oblique Impact’s a bitch: SPIN is POC’s approach

Just recently we published a review of an MTB helmet by Bontrager with so-called MIPS technology. This technology aims at mitigating the effect of oblique (sideways) impact to the brain when you smash your head to the floor. There has been more and more attention and also knowledge developing about the effects of this kind of impact on the brain and the consequences that can go on for days, weeks and even months. More and more brands have been applying the MIPS solution to this issue to their helmets.


POC the well- known Swedish manufacturer of high-end protective materiaal have developed their own technology. With their POC lab they have a research and development branch continuously searching for better solutions to make better protective materials to save lives and/or reduce the consequences of crashes.


The product they developed is a number of SPIN pads that are placed in strategic places within a helmet. The pad itself is able to move in a lateral direction, enabling the helmet to move a bit relative to your head. In that way, the oblique or rotational impact is “shared” over the brain and lessens the consequence of that rotational “violence”.

Moreover, the SPIN pads will be applied in stead of pads that they already use in their helmets, so there is no extra components (such as is the case with the MIPS technology. I have to add here that using a MIPS helmet regularly the MIPS construction does not bother me at all).

POC Coron Ari Spin

“SPIN will be integrated into many of POC’s existing award winning helmet models, including the Tectal Race and Octal X. SPIN will also feature in the brand new helmet the Coron Air, which is designed specifically for the needs of modern day DH and Enduro riders.”


POC Tectal Spin and Ora Goggles

Together with the SPIN technology, POC has revamped their vision and lens technology called Clarity. POC CEO, Jonas Sjögren, says– “We work closely with professional riders and racers and understand that their vision is the gateway to performance, decision making and safety.

“Developed with Carl Zeiss, POC’s claim is that they will produce highly tuned lenses which have light frequencies created for specific activities and environments (road, MTB, urban) and which will provide enhanced contrast and light.” Needless to say you always need to see where you are going, better vision enables you to choose your line better, react to unexpected obstacles or danger quicker and just to be safer in what you’re doing.

POC will be bringing the new DH and Enduro Specific Ora google to market in 2018 and it promises to fit seamlessly to the POC Helmets. We have reviewed POC helmet and google sets before and can attest to the near perfect fit POC achieves on many occasions.

We hope to be able to review the new helmet and goggle combination beginning 2018 when we look forward to heading to Europe’s DH and Enduro trail for some biking adventures. Stay tuned!

Editors Squad
Editors Squad
Bij GearLimits geloven we dat goed materiaal leidt tot betere prestaties, meer plezier en hogere veiligheid. Voor elke sporter die zijn grenzen wil verleggen en zijn plezier wil vergroten is dit een must. GearLimits helpt je hierbij.


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