Video review: Salomon X/Max W Blast Ladies Ski

Besides the regular Salomon S / Max Blast that was reviewed by our guest rider Mathijs we also had the ladies version of this ski. One of our female testers Rinske, 27 years of skiing experience and ski instructor at the adapted / seize skiing took the ladies Blast up the mountain.


Hard icy slopes on the higher parts of the mountains in the morning, where in the afternoon the snow became softer and lower on the mountain mushy.

The Ski

The S / Max Blast, a “race-inspired rocket” ship is a racing carver that should do especially well on the piste and is made for the more advanced skier. Camber underfoot provides grip, the flat base on the tail helps with mobility. You can go off-piste with the ski, the rocker in the tip helps, but the piste is it’s natural habitat and making turns is what this ski should be good at.

The Review

Rinske’s impression was actually an echo of Matthijs’ review, not so strange with a Ski that was basically built with the same idea. There is a lot of flex in the ski, so also a lot of rebound. Sending in short turns is super fast and super direct, but if you put too much energy into it, you also get everything back with enormous force. Throw yourself into a turn too aggressively you could just lose control.

It is also necessary to ride those short curves very low and in a deep position on this ski, otherwise, the ski can get away from you. Also on long and fast carve turns you need that deep position and to be very active on the skis.

The ski wants to go very fast, but if the piste becomes bumpy you have to be careful because the ski becomes less stable as your speed goes up.

Target audience

Like the regular version, the version made at female skiers is really for advanced skiers who have a very active and performance oriented riding style. You have to be able to cope with the speed and the flex, to be able to tune your energy and to be able to adapt your technique to the snow/piste conditions. With this ski, you can ski for years and keep progressing.


The Salomon S / Max W Blast is a challenging ski that you really have be able to handle. Not a relaxed ride but a ski that wants to charge. It demands a lot from you, and if you can handle the ski you have a very powerful, agile super fast carver.

Salomon S/Max W Blast

Review ski with W 10 binding

Retail price with Z12 binding: € 799,95


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