Video review: Salomon S/Max Blast

The Salomon S/Max Blast is the top ski in Salomon’s “Son of a Blast” line. A line that is about adrenaline, acceleration and the perfect turn. The S/Max is their top carverThe most experienced skier of our riders this year, Matthijs de Bruin, (25 years old and “Staatlich Skilehrer”) got to ride them on a cold morning in Serfaus. And had a blast!


Hard icy slopes on the higher parts of the mountain in the morning, where in the afternoon the snow became softer and lower on the mountain quite chowdery. 


As mentioned, the promise of the S/Max is acceleration, speed through the “Race Woodcore”, control and edge grip through the “Edge Amplifier” technology so you can start carving very fast. Matthijs says that he indeed also absolutely enjoyed the cornering on those hard icy slopes. Nicely slim under the bindings and with a large radius, the ski goes very easily to its edges, so you can push the ski optimally into those short aggressive turns. Pure joy on icy black graded pistes.

But also on sections where the speedometer goes wild and you can make nice large carves, the ski keeps edge control and offers a lot of stability. If you really push yourself and the ski, you will meet the limits of control and stability and it can break out. In that respect it is a race carver and not a pure race ski, for that you can go to the Salomon S/Race Rush SL if you want.

In the softer to mushier snow of the afternoon, the ski feels less at home. It does not have a lot of float, and you really have to push the ski through the chowder. It will not glide easily over it.

For who is this ski?

Matthijs indicates that for him it is a ski for the really advanced skier. Not slightly advanced or for people who overestimate themselves ;-), but for skiers with extensive experience. For them, this is a ski with which they can go for years. It demands a lot from you, so you can also progress a lot.


The Salomon S / Max blast really delivers on its promise. Speed, carving, short and long turns on icy hardpacked slopes is where the ski excels. You have to put a lot of your experience into it, and then you get a lot in return.


Salomon S/Max Blast + X12 TL

Retail price: € 899,95


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