Information testing conditions

The pants were tested during training sessions, a marathon and trail running races.


The North Face Better Than Naked Short 3/4 is designed for longer runs. It belongs to the Flight Series, which means that the lightest materials the North face has, were used.

The first impression of the pants was very positive! A light fabric, plenty of pockets to store sports nutrition and a great fit.

When putting on the pants the fit of the inner pants immediately stand out. The pants give a slight compression, they stretch well, and are not too tight around the leg. The inner pants remain in place quite well thanks to the anti-slip layer on the bottom of the trouser. I have found that after a workout or run the inner pants  had crept up slightly, but certainly didn’t find it disturbing. Another big advantage is that the inner trousers consists of two fabrics. A thicker fabric on the outside of the legs and a thinner fabric in the places you sweat most, the inside of your legs, the groin and buttocks so that it can wick more moisture effectively.

The pants can be carried with or without underpants. Because the seams of the inner pants are set to the outside and the inside pant fit well everywhere, it doesn’t rub or chafe anywhere where you would most expect it. Even in rainy conditions there is no chafing and the pants dry very quickly.

The outer pants are of a different substance, much looser, not stretchable but compensated by air-permeable stretch fabric on
both sides. This allows for more freedom of movement and I did not feel that the fabric interfered with any movement whatsoever. The hip strap fit comfortably around the hips and if you want you can tighten it.

This pant is ideal for running long distances. This is partly because of the many little compartments where you can fit food on the go such as gels, bars or gums. There are three mesh pockets just below the waistband on the back side. Two open and one with a zipper. In the open pockets, you can easily save a gel or the packaging of the food and in the pocket with zipper you can fit your keys and / or phone easily. Because the pockets are under the waistband, they draw close with the natural of the band. On the side of the legs on the inner pants you can also find mesh pockets. These are ideal for the gums or a bar and stay in place while running. The pockets pull themselves shut when you’re wearing the trousers and the tension of the wear keeps them shut. On the left are three small pockets and one large pocket on the right side, easy for a bar or any packaging. A telephone won’t remain in place here though.


  • Excellent fit
  • Light material
  • Storage space for food
  • Light Compression
  • No obstacle in motion



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