I will say it right off the bat: the MET Lupo is one of the lightest and most comfortable MTB Helmets I have worn to date. So I am really looking forward to sharing my experience with it in this review.


The MET Lup was tested during trail rides in the Ardennes and the Netherlands, temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degrees celsius. There was some profuse sweating done.


MET Lupo CloseThere are a few things that you really note from the get go. First of all the weight of the helmet. With just 270 grams, you hardly notice you are actually wearing a helmet. That is a part of what als ensures a very comfortable wear. Added to that is the excellent fit (to my head at least.). A helmet fit is quite particular to the size and shape of each individual head, and it is really important to ensure yourself before selecting a helmet for purchase, that you have a really good tight and comfortable fit. I did not however, select the MET Lupo, it was sent to us for this review, so I was really lucky it fit so well; that or MET’s “Safe-T Advanced Fit System” just does it work really well. I adapted really well to my head using the adjustment dial. I also noticed the clean feel of the O2 Gel padding at the front of the helmet. These anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic pads do not absorb sweat but transport it to the side of your head. They can be cleaned easily and are also supposed to last longer than regular foam pads. We’ll keep an eye out for that in the coming time we will continue using the helmet.

The only parts that I found slightly less comfortable were the kevlar helmet straps. MET uses the kevlar because it is light and strong and shouldn’t stick to your face when you sweat. That part is true, as far as my experience goes, but the material was also a but stiff and it took some getting used to the fact they did not line up along my face perfectly. So you do feel them a bit more than I would like.

Admittedly I haven’t used the helmets at plus 30 degrees conditions, but I can safely conclude that the Lupo offers great ventilation. The air vents are well spaced, vents in the visor also lining up to the vents in the helmet improving unimpeded airflow around your head.


MET Lupo actionThe MET Lupo, as any MTB helmet should, offers extra protection to the back and side of the head. The outer shell has an in-mould construction, meaning it is met the inner shock absorbing polysterene shell. The use of polystyrene however does mean that if you do fall or crash your helmet into something, the polystyrene will, in absorbing the shock, deform permanently. Which means you will have to do away with the damaged helmet.

Light weight and very strong, using various densities in various parts of the helmet. I haven’t had a fall or bump on my head with this helmet so I cannot attest to the quality of protection first hand, but all the specifications point at a well built helmet.


Perhaps not the most important feature to base your choice on, and very much subjective, but I do like the look of the helmet. The vibrant blue (the helmet can be got in 4 other colours as well) is just the right hue as far as I am concerned, and the mat finish also adds to the stylish look of the helmet. The shape and design is not as hysterical as many bike helmets can get, and that too is to my liking. The visor lines up really nicely to the rest of the helmet.

All in all the MET Lupo is a very complete, comfortable, light and cool helmet. Sharing many of the best characteristics of its big brother Parabellum (review coming later on), it offers a very sound choice for the majority of trail riders.


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