The Keen Terradora hiking boots have been tested during short walks in dune landscapes in the Netherlands as well during a sailing and hiking trip on the Wadden Sea and while strolling through the city. They have been used for sporting activities as well as during more calm and relaxing walks.


Keen designed this shoe specifically for women, making it suitable for both off the road hiking and strolling through the city. In both terrains, I have been able to enjoy many walks thanks to the comfort that the insole and the damping give. Keen describes the fitting as if you are wearing a glove and uses a pillow panel to relieve pressure on the Achilles. What I can say about it is that it helps me to walk many, many miles without blisters, where other shoes often cause this kind of trouble for me.

The only flaw as far as fit is concerned is that the toe tends to fold a bit near the tip of the shoes. Because the material is quite soft I got used to it and did not give up any problems. At first, one of the shoes made a bit of a noise at the beginning of each step as it folded, which was a strange sensation in the further so quiet dunes.

The KEEN.DRY breathable membrane ensures that during my walks my feet kept a nice temperature and remained dry in the rain as well as in the are of the Wadden Zee where we walked through wet sand shoals. However, standing on the boat my feet were really cold and warmed up more easily without the shoes. Perhaps the other slightly higher model of the shoe is better resistant to the wind and provides the foot with more warmth because the ankle is also partially protected.

In the dunes, I climbed up many a hill and the shoe felt good at every one of them. Despite the short tongue of the shoe, it still connects very well to your foot, also on downhill stretches.

The big plus of the shoe is the looks! The upper part is made of woven nylon and the rubber reinforcements are glued to it, which gives the shoe the appearance of a sneaker. KEEN has produced the Terradora shoe in 9 great colors so that every woman can find a color to suit her taste. It combines well with sports clothes but looks just as well under a pair of jeans. You can still see that it’s a shoe that’s made for walking, but it’s  so much hipper than most hiking shoes. For me, therefore, an ideal shoe for taking long walks in nature or city strolls on cold days.


  • Looks
  • Cushioning
  • Fit of the insole
  • Weight


  • Warmth when standing stil
  • Fold at the toes
Materials used
Bang for your buck
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Rinske de Jong
Al vanaf dat ik kan staan, doe ik aan sport en hebben mijn ouders me de liefde voor bergen en natuur bijgebracht. Ik hou ervan buiten te zijn, met wandelschoenen aan, (tour)ski's onder, trainrunschoenen aan, een mountainbike, een beachvolleybal, of op een rots met een weids uitzicht voor me. Vanaf 2016 ga ik de wereld rondreizen om zoveel mogelijk buiten te genieten!


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