It’s not that often I look like Danny MacAskill. But with the MT500 review set that Endura sent us, and in particular the Mt500 L/S Print T Danny ’18 Limited Edition Jersey and MT500 Spray baggy Short II, I felt the part. Unfortunately the Jersey does not have special Danny MacAskill superpowers that make you automagically ride like the Trials Wizard from Scotland, but fortunately it’s just a really good kit.


I rode with the MT500 set on XC trails in the Netherlands, Winterberg BikePark in Germany and dry and dusty Enduro riding in Spain, temperatures ranging from 20 in NL till 40 degrees under a scorching Spanish sun.

MT500 L / S Print T Danny ’18 limited edition jersey

The Jersey is long sleeved and has a loose fit and is made of a light fabric that wicks basic perspiration moisture quite quickly. In Spain, sweating copiously, the fabric does become saturated (a sponge couldn’t have handled the amount of moisture I lost there) but it never felt clingy or uncomfortable against my body. Colar nor cuffs chafe at any time, and even with the sleeved rolled up the jersey felt well comfortable around my arms.

MT500 Spray Baggy Short II

The MT500 is a strong and durable short, with a combination of fabrics that provide stretch where necessary (around groin area) and front of your thighs, to provide for more comfortable pedaling, and a stronger fabric used along the area’s you would expect to see more wear and tear (the seat and near the knees. The length of the short for me was perfect. Not too long that it falls over my knees as I pedal (without knee pads), but long enough that the edges fall over the kneepads when I do wear them. The short has ventilation slits with mesh inset that provides just that extra bit of ventilation to the side of your legs.

The waistband is elastic and feels comfortable, and the two zipped hip pockets are good for holding your phone, a thin energy bar or a multitool. The challenge that baggy shorts always have for mountainbiking is that they do not “bag” to much between your legs resulting in the shorts catching on the saddle as you sit back down. The MT500 pass that criterium with flying colors. The fit is just very good.

Endura specs indicate that the shorts have been treated with a DWR coating (Durable Water Repellent) to provide it with some waterproofness. I did not ride in any rain, did get some spray on it in the BikePark but only noticed that once dried, the grime washed off very easily.

Finally, I used the shorts with a separate liner pants, but you can use Endura Clickfast liner using the “dockers” sewn into the waist band of the short

De shorts are also available in colour NAVY.


The MT500 Jersey and Spray Baggy Short II is a very good freeride / enduro set for any kind of MTB and that you do. Even in really warm conditions, the set remains comfortable and despite a number of falls, I can’t find any tears or signs of damage to the kit.

And, if it’s good enough for Danny MacAskill 😉

MT500 L/S Print T Danny ’18 Limited Edition Jersey

Retail price: € 49,99

MT500 spray Baggy short II

Retail price: € 99,99


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