The Packman 45 Waterproof of BACH is a comfortable backpack. It has a maximum weight of 1980 grams and a minimum weight of 1374 grams. The minimum weight can be achieved when the top and the hip band are removed. The design is simple and durability is written all over it.

The promise

BACH’s philosophy is as simple as their products and is based on five pillars:

Love | Reduction | Craft | Commitment | Trust

BACH is one of the last companies where the spirit of the outer pioneers is still alive. The name BACH is synonymous with functional Outdoor Gear. BACH products are lightweight, robust and have a minimum of unnecessary materials. They claim to make the strongest, most functional backpacks the most lightweight but sturdy materials. No backpack is forever, but those of BACH are coming close to them.

Test conditions

The Packman, a hiking backpack from BACH, was tested under various conditions. This to ensure as much as a comprehensive review as possible. The backpack was used at home in the Netherlands and abroad during various trips.

I took the backpack with me on a summer holiday in France and used it frequently with day walks. The conditions were good. It was often dry and hot weather. The total weight tested during these the day walks was between 6 and 8 kilograms.

I also used the pack during two-day hiking tours in Belgium. Again good and dry conditions. Again I was very satisfied. But since BACH claimed the backpack was waterproof, I had to test that as well, fo course. So in the Netherlands during heavy showers, I went outside to test the backpack. In these moments the backpack was loaded with a total weight between 9 and 16 kilograms.

BACH Packman 45 review

The first impression I had of the backpack was okay. At first sight, I felt it looked a bit boring and maybe a bit on the heavy side. I’ve seen and experienced many a backpack. In all types, sizes and brands, but never a backpack of the BACH brand. I have heard and read a lot about the brand but never till then I never experienced a backpack of the brand. A main characteristic of this backpack is that it is waterproof. Furthermore, the top pocket and waistband are removable. The material looks strong, which suggests that it is durable. The backpack is simple, no unnecessary frills.

Okay … when I’m backpacking it’s clear to me. The wearing comfort or fit is excellent. The backpack is cast on your back.


I can attest to the fact that the backpack is indeed waterproof. That is, the main compartment is waterproof. However, the top compartement is not waterproof. What I personally think is a mistake because I usually put stop my little smaller (valuable) stuff in there. So that could be improved upon.

Here I have to add a small side note because the backpack I received was a Packman’s last demo sample. We are asking BACH for feedback on this point.

While walking the backpack fits like a glove. It really follows the contours of your back is firmly and the hip belt provides great support. On the outside of the backpack BAC has placed a mesh pocket; this gives you the possibility to store dirty wet clothes or towel. I did not test it myself, but given the size, I’m sure you can even carry a climbing or bike helmet in it.

On the sides of the backpack are straps to compress the bag. What I miss are points of attachment for walking sticks or side pockets where you can put them in. In the main compartment there is no storage box for a drinking bag.

Points to improve upon

What would I change to the backpack? On the hip belt, there’s a pocket that I think is quite useless. The pocket is not waterproof, too small for a mobile phone or a snack. It only fits something small like your keys. I would either make it bigger or lose it all together.

I’m 1.80 and have a slender posture. The backpack I reviewed was a size 2. The walks I did were done with a packed backpack with a total weight ranging between 6 and 16 kilograms. I also removed the top box once, but I always used the hip belt. I think the backpack’s ultimate load weights is between the 13 to 15 kilograms



  • design simplicity
  • comfort
  • fit
  • watertightness
  • material choice (durability)
  • aluminum mounting points


  • top box not waterproof
  • no side  pockets
  • no possibilities to attach hiking poles
  • pocket on the hip band too small
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