I have never worn anything like it. And that’s exactly what I like most about it. It’s a new angle on running wear, and that would almost be enough reason to be positive about the Asics Muscle Support wear. But luckily, there’s more.

The technology

IMG_0284The claim that Asics makes about the gear is that the compression technology. The special knit in “strategically” placed areas and the extreme elasticity, should help you improve your running posture,  helps the successful oxygenation (is that a word?) of your muscles by helping to push deoxygenated blood back to the heart. And the seamless shirt should prevent any discomfort or chafing. The compression technology in the tights should stabilize your upper leg, minimizing muscle vibration “helping to reduce muscle impact an injuries during sport.” So much for the claims. How was the experience?


IMG_0280The first time I put on the t-shirt it took my breath away, literally. The fit is extremely, extremely tight. When you don’t have it on, it actually looks like a kids sized t-shirt. And wearing it really takes some getting used to. The second thing that surprised me was the really fresh feel; it seemed to actively cool my skin. The compression reminded me immediately of the way I have bandaged my upper leg to support the recovery of my hamstring muscle during various sporting activities the past few months (snowboarding, field hockey and running). It seemed to give the same kind of support. So having gotten used to it, the compression feels really supportive. And having worn it during field hockey (training and matches) as well as a number of runs, I do have to agree with the claim of the compression technology giving support. My somewhat weak back seemed to respond really well. The tights were actually less extremely tight, though you could feel the support of the compression bands along my quads and the area under the knees. Great stuff.

The Looks

I like the looks of both the shirt and the tights. The colors are nice, and the fabric really has a high quality look to it. The only drawback as far as looks are concerned is the fact that the extremely tight fit has as a consequence that every little flabby or pouchy part of your anatomy will really show. It hides absolutely nothing, so you can feel a bit self-conscious if you are not a top athlete with below 15% fat percentage. But then again, it is an extra motivation to exercise and work off that excess fat and have the shirt show off your abs instead (when they turn up again 😉 ). Because it will do just that. It will show up or show off!


  • Great support through compression technology
  • Breathability
  • Looks


  • Extremely tight fit of the shirt can feel uncomfortable and needs getting used to
  • Fit is very “revealing”

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Price - Quality
SOURCEAsics Muscle Support explained
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