So, I’m not really a fan of spandex. At least not on a mountainbike. Strange how that works. Recently I tested an extremely tight fit with Asics running legging and shirt, and that felt great, but on my bike I don’t really like the fit nor, if I am brutally honest, the look. Mountainbiking to me is not about speed, or being faster than the other, but just ripping te trail as hard as I can, trying to improve my bike riding skills and feeling relaxed and loose while doing it. So I generally wear loose sitting shirts and shorts on my bike.


Post foto's.015So when I decided to buy a dedicated bike short, I was looking for a combination between a short with  a more or less loose fit and look, durable fabric, and integrated shorts with crotch lining. My eye quickly fell on the Alpinestars Manual Shorts. AlpineStars is primary know as a premier “manufacturer of technical, high performance protective gear for motorcycle and auto racing” but also offers a wide range of mountain bike gear. Including these shorts. I’ve been testing it for the past few months, riding trails in the Netherlands in different weather types, ranging from cold and wet, to warm and dry.


Post foto's.016I bought the shorts online through, a good online retailer for everything bike related. Unfortunately I had to send back the first three shorts I ordered. Getting to the right size was quite difficult. They do have an online size chart, and having taken my measurements, basing it on that chart, I ordered a size 28. So that was no good, tighter than spandex ever could be. The shorts I have now are actually size 34. So the size chart was nowhere near correct.

The fit is particular too, at my waist it is a bit loose, but sitting on the bike, the fit at the thighs is quite tight. So the cut of the pants don’ really fit me all that well. That is a drawback.

{added 16 august 2015} After wearing it some more, the fit has gotten worse. The waist seems to have gotten even looser, and I can’t wear the shorts without a seperate belt anymore.

What I do like about the shorts is the fabric, s mix of polyester, mesh and spandex which seems to be very sturdy. The feel of the fabric is great, it doesn’t absorb too much moisture and “the vented inserts across the thighs” really “enhance airflow within the shorts while riding”. Word of warning though, in colder weather it can get quite chilly however.

The cargo side pockets are quite handy, you can drop your phone into them and not worry about it falling out on a bumpy section. There is a seperate dedicated zipper pocket with an internal headphone conduit you could use as well. I don’t generally wear headphones while biking so I hardly use it. But it can be useful, obviously.

Last but not least, the integrated shorts with crotch lining works well you can snap it fast to the inside of the waist belt making sure everything stays really well in place.

Pro’s:Post foto's.014

  • Durable fabric
  • Confortable feel
  • Mesh on thighs
  • Look
  • Pockets


  • Fit

Price: online $ 124,95

I would suggest this product to my friends.

Durability (fabric)
Ease of use
Bang for your buck
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