This year at the ISPO I passed the VSSL Utility Tools booth and was triggered by the nicely designed ‘flashlights’ that stood there. On closer view, it turned out not to be torches but multifunctional tools, specifically for outdoor.

Previously, the handle of a flashlight was used to insert the batteries, but with the current LED technology this tubular space is no longer needed. Todd Weimer created functionality for this; storing emergency stocks during outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, trekking, backpacking and camping. In 2014 he successfully started a VSSL (pronounced “Vessel”) Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

The result is the VSSL Outdoor Utility Tool. It is available in five different models: Supplies, First Aid, Shelter, Flask and Zombie. The VSSL Tools are pre-filled with modules such as fire-starters, fish hooks, rope, razor blades and a mini first-aid kit. These modules are also available separately and can be arranged according to your wishes.

All VSSL models come with a dual-mode LED Flashlight (S.O.S. and static) including batteries and a compass.

1. VSSL Supplies

VSSL Supplies: 4-hour candle, razor blade, water purification tablets, wire saw, emergency whistle, waterproof matches, fire starters, fishing gear, signal mirror, Kevlar rope (70-kilogram strength), trail markers, can opener, first aid supplies.

2. VSSL First Aid

VSSL First Aid: VSSL First Aid: 2 BZK-antiseptic wipes, 2 isopropyl antiseptic wipes, 1 alcohol free cleansing wipe, 1 soap wipe, 2 cotton pads, 4 knuckle bandages, 8 butterfly bandages, 12 regular bandages, 4 ibuprofen tablets, 4 aspirin tablets, 1 tweezers, 1 single-sided razor blade, 1 roll of medical tape, 1 medical gauze tape, 1 pair nitrile gloves, 1 emergency whistle.

3. VSSL Shelter

VSSL Shelter: VSSL Shelter: 250 x 150 x 90 cm temporary polyethene tent and 20 metres of rope. The tent reflects 95 percent of radiant heat back to the user, can be used as a first aid blanket and is shiny for high visibility.

4. VSSL Flask

VSSL Flask: VSSL Flask: made to hold your beverage of choice plus a flashlight to help guide you in the dark. The Flask has been infused/lined with glass; because it’s the best material to preserve the taste & quality of your beverage. Read about this process here.

5. VSSL Zombie

VSSL Zombie: VSSL Zombie: A fun option, just a ‘wannahave’. It’s basically an ice-pick inside the tube. The zombie tool is a high tensile aluminium spike concealed in the handle of high quality (military spec aluminium) and a dual-mode LED flashlight. View the Get a VSSL Zombie tool today and protect yourself from the Zombie Apocalypse video.

VSSL Supplies promotional video


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